Changing Seasons

From rain to snow our love was gone...
Today I sat by the window and watched the rain fall,
I could feel the tears that were slowly falling down my face in sync with the rain,
The pain and sadness crying inside my heart,
I close my eyes and listened to the rain,
As I used to listen to your lies.

I remember the night of our first kiss in the falling snow,
Our breath fogging up the windows,
The embarrassed laughs and smiles of new love,
The touches and gentle embrace,
I remember all the words you used to whisper to me,
When nobody else was around.

Now you deny everything that once was ours,
I deny everything just to protect myself,
I know all the lies I told off by heart just as you told me,
I did everything to protect the secret we once shared,
I only wish you could feel what I feel now,
That the years have passed.

When the rain falls my only wish is for you,
To feel my pain as it falls gently to you,
When the snow falls I hope it falls upon your lips,
My only desire is to become one with the rain,
And let my sorrow fall upon you,
I can only stare and watch the rain turn into snow,
All I can relay to you through the pouring rain is love.
Published: 3/27/2012
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