Your character is the defining factor when it comes to measuring real growth. And, most importantly, you set your own bench-marks. Do the self-analyzing test now...
Made from the warp of life,
Spun in the fabric of culture,
Your character is shrill fife,
That makes swan of vulture.

With every rightful sway,
Corrected word and deed,
You add a spark to array,
Of colored strokes in seed.

You are born to life celebrate,
And to race from rung to rung,
Qualifying inherent, genetic trait,
And soothing the sting of tongue.

You are 'human', and so be it,
Design and trace the vector;
To scale the height and hit,
Assigned quantum of character.

To be without differentiating scale
Is easy as barbarous can ever be;
Your character is the luminous veil
That makes it plain to last degree...

To understand how far you've come,
And the integrated will of resolve,
Of sifted acts from the dark of scum,
Of self-willed urge to rise and evolve.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/13/2009
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