So many people living in a fantasy, thinking the person they're with really loves them.
It was stupid of me,
Thinking we had something that we did not,
I could have stayed in the charade,
It was you who could not.

I ran to you,
I loved you with my whole heart,
You ran from me,
What I gave you tore apart.

All the lies I heard,
I believed and hoped for the best,
I stayed as you betrayed me,
Always putting my love to the test.

I know now that you were trying my love,
To see if it was real,
You were hoping that I'd leave you,
'Cause you didn't feel how I feel.

Sorry it took so long to see the picture,
I'd been praying for clarity,
I was so blind,
I really couldn't see.

We have been living on my love,
So when I feel nothing,
Then everything we have is gone,
Isn't that something?

That you would live in my dream,
And make it out to be a nightmare,
Well, let the charade be over,
'Cause I no longer care.
Published: 11/23/2013
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