Chasing Grace - Chapter 3

I probably will never meet that girl again - Nathan.

"Hurry up Jack," I yell over to my friend who is too busy talking on the phone with his girlfriend. Our friends had met on his decked out rooftop to enjoy a beer and the New York City's setting sun before hitting up another friends new club that is going to open tonight.

"Shut up," he lightly hits my shoulder as he returns to us. I laugh and take a sip from the bottle.

"How's the wonderful lady?" I mock him.

"Don't tease, you haven't had a stable girlfriend your entire existence," says Tim from across the bonfire. I lean back on the smooth white leather outdoor furniture that looks like it cost a decent amount but I didn't take much note.

"Yeah, Mr. One Night Stands himself," Jack finally grows a backbone. Making all the men laugh.

"You lads already know how I feel on the subject. Women are there for our enjoyment. I'm just taking advantage of it." I make the arrogant remark just to save my reputation.

"I can't wait till he falls in love and has no idea what the heck happened to him," Landon tells the entire group making even me laugh.

"That's where you're wrong, my dear friend. Love is a myth. Good for anyone who thinks they have found it. However, it's not for me," I smile about my philosophy.

"Enough talk! Let's go to the club already!" Tim declared making us all agree and follow him to the car that is waiting downstairs.



"Do you like it?" Heather anxiously asks when she sees me staring at my dress while we drove to the club. I couldn't get over the fact that I'm wearing a Dior cocktail dress. The money that is probably thrown in to this? I can't even imagine.

"I love it, but it isn't necessary," I insist.

"Of course it is! This is a very special occasion. I'm so excited to share it with you. However, you can't just show up at the hottest club in town wearing jeans and a t-shirt," says Heather in a huffy tone. She brushes her dark curls off her shoulders. I let my fingers rest on the gold sequin dress, trying not to think much of it.

"Here we are!" She squeals when the car comes to a sudden stop. The driver opens our door and suddenly lights and flashes are all on us. However, Heather didn't have a care in the world. She didn't even notice that our whole entrance is being recorded by photographers and other media sources. I have to shield my eyes in order to follow the little black dress that she is wearing. As soon as she pulls my hand threw the threshold, we're covered in dim lighting.

The club is almost intimidating. There is a huge bar with tables that surrounded the dance floor... that had people dancing to the loud pounding music. I could feel the bass vibrate the floor. This all seem normal. It is the VIP section that is almost scary. It is a balcony that surrounded the dance floor and looked down upon it. You could only see silhouettes of the figures in VIP, however I feel subjected to them. It is as if they were some form of royalty and we were their mere peasants.

While Heather pulls me out on the dance floor, I feel watched. Even though the music is our entertainment, we're the VIP's entertainment. I almost is a fish in a tank that the VIP's could pick and choose which ones they want as their pet. After dancing for a while, I ask Heather if she wants to grab a drink with me. I'm far too excited to leave the dance floor.

"So," Heather starts more conversation after we received our drinks that carried tiny umbrellas in them. "Have you thought what you want to do with the money yet?"

"Actually," I feel lame to admit I had. "I've always wanted to travel. My father left me a series of journals he wrote when he was traveling to all kinds of countries. I've read them over and over again. I'm ready to live my life and find out what's out there."

"That sounds like so much fun!" She laughs out of amusement.

"Have you figured out what you want to do, now that you're 18?" I return the conversation to her. She stirs her drink shyly.

"I'm not sure to be truthful. Father wants me to attend school in the fall, in which I have been accepted multiple places, however I kinda wanna do something else first." She takes a drink as if it was something she didn't want to discuss.

"What kind of thing?" I push further, too curious now to stop.

"Like... see if I really can handle the world without my parents help." She explains. My heart turned soft, for during this time, I would have never thought a girl like her would have problems. But, she's a lot like me.

"Here's a deal. I don't have many friends... or any at all. Since you're the closest thing I have to family, I want you to come with me on my journey." I give her a particular smile while planning it out in my head.

"You mean it?" She double checks.

"Yeah, of course! I can't be traveling the world alone. I need someone to accompany me!" I stretch the invitation farther.

"That would be fabulous!" She beams, throwing her arms around me in a hug so suddenly, it almost scare me. I just return the embrace before she excuses herself to the bathroom.



I notice her from the moment she walks in. She has her arm covering her face from all the press outside, only meaning she is a newbie in New York. I admire her as she dances with her friend who is also adorable, but this one has such a natural beauty, it is stunning. It is hard to find a girl like this in world.

"See that girl in the gold dress," I point out the girl to my friends while she speaks with the other woman over a drink. I ignore my friend's side remarks but as her friend leaves, I see this as my opportunity. I start to stand and hear one of my friends call after me, "And he's going in for the kill."

I descend the stairs, out of VIP. My eyes scavenge the area for the golden girl. I finally spot her at a table alone and make my approach, nonchalant.

"Now you look like a girl deep in thought," I catch her attention.

"You might be right," she slyly replies, her eyes straying away as I take a spot next to her.

"Care to share some of those thoughts?" I try to use some wit and charm.

"God made thoughts quiet for a reason," she responds catching me off guard.

"Fair enough. What if it's wisdom that I have not acquired yet. You could help a man out."

"Be realistic," she laughs, tossing her long blond hair. "A guy like you doesn't think he needs any help in the world."

"Is that so?" I lean closer to her, using a hush tone.

"Yes, and the mixture of your accent and the mumbling your using is really killing your game."

BOOM. My ego all the sudden flew out that window.

"See if I had feelings, that would have actually hurt," I lie throwing a million dollar smile, not cracking a glimpse.

"Last time I checked, arrogance was a feeling and according to your defense, I did seem to damage it." She clears the air, making sure I understand she wasn't playing games. "By the way you walk and talk, I can assume you have been lurking in the VIP section, watching, if not, creeping on every girl in this club. So, what was it about me that made you stupid enough to try those lines on me?"

"Well, I-"

"Wait! I don't care because those lines won't work on me." Her long lashes framed her sparkling eyes.

"See, you think this is a turn off but trust me, it's a total turn on," I try and lean a little closer, hoping her act would crumble pretty soon, if not, my ego would be pretty well bruised.

"Then you must never get laid, because this is a girl who is not going to join you in bed tonight." She checks an imaginary watch on her arm, making a "fair-enough" face. "Don't fret though! The night's still early, maybe you can build that ego up again and try to go in for another round with a different girl."

"You don't want the honor of sleeping with me?" I ask, faking a shocked expression. Maybe if I tried another angle, I could tempt her.

"With the way you behave, I can assume you have had sex with quite a few women.-"

"Assume away," I wink.

"Then, I can also assume you have child because you were too stupid to use protection, you have some sexually transmitted infection, or both."

"Try none of the above."

"Not even the STI?" Her eyebrow raises in interest, so I shake my head. "I thought with your trashy ways of picking up girls, there had to be one."

"So, now that you know I'm not a baby daddy or a carrier of an STI, will you sleep with me?" I try a direct approach.

"I will never have sex with you."

"Never say never!"

"I can if it's true."

"Then let's go on a date to prove it."

"We both know you're not the type to date."

"I can be if you want me to," I won't let her avoid me. I find everything about her thrilling. My insides are going crazy just standing in her presence.

"Nice try..."

"Oh!" My name. "I'm Nathan."

"Nice try, Nathan. It's been not that pleasurable to meet you."

"I can make other things pleasurable..."

"I'm Grace." She returns the favor.

"I can make other things pleasurable, Grace." I finish with a smirk at our game.

"Grace!" A voice rings out, even over the loud music. The little dark haired girl rejoins her friend and is surprised to find me in the company of them. "And you are...?"

"Leaving." I nod at the tiny girl that assisted Grace. "Offers still on the table if you change your mind Grace."

"Don't hold your breath sweetheart." She gives me a painful smile before we parted.

When I return to my friends empty handed the teasing was never ending.

"She didn't want to ride the London Express?" Tom punches my arm playfully as I sit.

"Not tonight."

"I want to meet the girl who denies the charming and lovable Nathaniel," Jack pinches my cheek like a proud grandmother.

"There are plenty other ladies anyway. I probably will never meet that girl again, anyway," I laugh it off, grabbing my drink.


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Published: 5/2/2013
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