Chasing Grace - Chapter 4

'That's for your heart to decide.' - Grace

When I woke up, I was afraid that everything was a dream. That I would wake up in my South Carolina bedroom with Tod and Lily waiting for me downstairs. I squeezed my eyelids shut, not wanting to open them to the possible harsh reality. I realized the room I was in had more light than my old room. My eyelids flew open to the shining light cascading in through the mile high windows. Looking to my side, I realized I was not in South Carolina. Snoring soundlessly beside me, Heather had her face down in a pillow, her long hair sticking in all directions. The sight made me silently chuckle. Checking the time, I realize we had only had five hours of sleep, when I read that it was eight in the morning.

The memories of me and Heather's night out on the town came back like a flood. I recalled the club and the lights that spun around the room. The VIP circling above us and the offer I made Heather to travel with me. How we made our way over to a little Coffee shop that was open 24/7 and watched people till the early hours. There was something missing however. I couldn't peg what it was exactly, but something at the club.


The boy who approached me after Heather excused herself to the bathroom. I recalled his light brown hair that swooped up and away from his face. In the faintly dim light of the club his light grayish brown eyes shimmered as he tried to lay the moves on me. In a sense he did tower over me, not in a frightening way. According to my 5'8 frame, I could assume he was 6'1. There was a mystery of his words and the way they lingered in the air after he spoke in the thick British accent he carried as if it were a badge of honor.


That's a good idea. I remember my father writing about how much he loved London. He stayed there the longest out of any other country. I made a decision.

"Heather," I shake my friend awake.

"What!" She moans after I move her enough.

"Heather! I know where we are going!" I share my news. Her head snaps up from the pillow, dark hair falling like a curtain in front of her face.

"Where." She wants to know curiously.

"London." I excitedly bite my lip, lifting my eyebrows to know her response.

"Will it be rainy?"

"Hopefully not."

"Then I'm in." She lets her head fall back down on the pillow as I get up to shower. An half hour later, Heather and I approach Buddy and Cindy.


"How are our lovely girls after their night out on the town?" Buddy flips the pancakes as he stands over. Smiling at us and setting down her cross word, Cindy pays attention as soon as we walk in. I look over at Heather who answers, "We had a wonderful night out, Daddy."

"You girls look like you need to tell us something," Cindy observes our cautious reactions. Buddy sets down his spatula. I started off, since it was my idea. I honestly wasn't quite positive how they would react to the proposition.

"I don't know..." Buddy kills the silence after we explained everything.

"Heather, you have never been on a trip without us..." Cindy points out.

"And we just got you back, Grace." Buddy makes another good point.

"We are both 18 and know what we want," Heather attempts to throw in her opinion.

"And what is that?" Cindy asks skeptically.

"Freedom. I've been in the foster care system for so long, It's like a weight is off of me. As for Heather, she wants to see if she can handle being by herself and handling the world on her own." I back up my partner in crime. They ask for some time to talk it over. We left them to it and returned to Heather's bedroom.

"What are you doing?" I ask when she heads to the closet pulling out a suitcase.

"Packing," she points out as if it's obvious.

"Why? They haven't even told us if we could." I try to reason with her.

"If they don't let us go, I'm leaving anyway. They can't control me anymore." She hustles around the room grabbing clothes and throwing them into the case.


"No buts, Grace. I'm not letting myself be contained in this city any longer-"

"Girls!" We hear from the other side of the door. We exchange glances before quickly stepping in front of the suitcase to hide it as her parents enter the room.

"Yes?" Heather beams an angelic smile at her mother and father.

"We agreed that it would be good for you guys to get some independent experience." Buddy announced making us squeal with excitement. I wasn't going to lie, it did somewhat surprise me.

"There are conditions!" Cindy declares. "You must check-in with phone calls, emails, and texts. We must know where you are every single day. Last, you need to send lots of photos." Cindy finishes with a smile. We hug, thanked them, and they left us to pack, if only they knew Heather was halfway done.


I made some last minute plane tickets for that afternoon. We chose to go all out with first-class.

Time flew past and three hours later we were waiting to go through security. I had my suitcase and one of the journals in hand. I was enthralled sharing my father's stories of England with Heather who thought they were that coolest thing ever when a familiar voice came from somewhere.

"Yeah, my lads and I are heading home right now." The voice says. I stop reading. "Yes Mum, we will be there for the next few days.... it's just Tom and Jack.... Yes, I will see you soon.... okay.... Goodbye Mum."

"Grace?" Heather gives me a puzzled look. I slowly turn around and of course, standing right behind us is the mysterious boy from last night.

"Well..." His gray eyes lay on mine as he hangs up his phone. I roll my eyes turning back to face front. "If it isn't the devilish angel herself."

"Dude, who is she?" One of his American friends ask.

"Is this the girl who didn't want to ride the London Express last night?" The other friend questioned.

"What?" I whip around to glare at Nathan, wondering what he told his friends.

"Don't worry about it." He shrugs with a wink. Pointing forward, I see the line was moving and followed it. I ignored him and his friends as they made sexual innuendos.

"Is that the boy from last night?" Heather whispered in my ear. All I did was nod for confirmation. When we were split in different lines to go through the metal detectors, Heather and I were split up. Of course, who comes up behind me?

"So you wanna take off my belt too?" He offers making me want to throw up. I pull my belt through the loops quickly, making it snap. "Oh! Another turn on."

"SECURITY!" I call loudly, "This man is sexually harassing me!" I tell a nearby officer. "Can you please do something?" When the guard looks at Nathan, he covers.

"Sweetie!" He puts an arm around me, then explaining to the officer in an hushed tone. "She likes the foreplay." I shrug off his hand continuing down the line. I keep ignoring his little suggestions as we continue through the security line. When I finally finish and meet up with Heather again, I begin to pray he isn't on our flight. However, at our gate his friends are sitting by a wall for the chargers. They begin to board the plane starting with first-class. As I reach to give the assistant my pass, when I caught a glimpse of Nathan behind us.

On the plane, there was only two available first-class seats left, across the isle from each other. Heather and I snuggled in, not positive who would be sitting next to us but I had my finger crossed. I heard a clear of a man's throat and sure enough he was standing there, waiting to take his seat next to me. I rolled my eyes and moved my legs, letting him in.

"I would love to say this is fate. But, maybe I'm just straight up lucky." He whispers in my ear.

"If you're going to keep being super creepy for the next seven hours, I'm going to ask for another seat." I warn.

"That's a first." He raises his eyebrows.


"The only super's that I have been is sexy, big, and good in bed." He huffs.

"Wait, why would you be called super big-" I stopped realizing what he meant. I rolled my eyes as he chuckled a bit.

We managed to get through a few hours of no talking. I associated with Heather for a while before the night took over and people started retiring to slumber. I turned on the light above my head that let me read my father's journals.

"What's that?" His voice sounded different now. Not as forced. It seemed almost real, now that he had no one to put on a show for.

"My father's journals," I reply, showing him the leather, hand-written book that was slightly worn.

"Why do you have your father's journals?" He asks me confused.

"When he past, he left them to me." I answer observing his gray eyes that had turned soft over the conversation.

"Oh," his mouth makes a slight movement as his eyes don't leave the parchment.

"Are you going home then?" I ask him, turning the conversation back over.

"Yeah." He snaps out of the daze he was in. "The lads come over every few weeks or so."

"What do you even do for an occupation?" The question causes the confidence to whirl back in his aura.

"That's cute," he chuckles.

"It was a genuine question." I inform Nathan.

"Do you really not know?" His ego took a couple blows when I shook my head. "I'm an actor, model, socialite and my father is a politician in Britain."

"That's got to be a bit crazy," I observe, turning back to the journals.

"What do you mean?" He responds suddenly.

"Well when you spread yourself that thin, then you can focus on one area and excel in one thing." I try to explain. "If you do a lot of things then you can't give each area the attention it needs."

"So what do you suggest." He seemed to be hanging onto every word I was speaking.

"My father believed you should find the one thing you love doing most and throw yourself into it." I pass on the words of my father.

"How do I find that one thing?" He leans in close almost whispering, not wishing to disturb people around.

"That's for your heart to decide." I shrug, backing away from our intimate discussion. I click the flashlight from over head telling the darkness, "Goodnight, Nathan."

"Goodnight, Grace." I could just hear his smile as the words escaped his lips.

My dream was strange and frightened me, shaking me to the core. I came too, suddenly, with a gasp.

"Grace?" I hear a voice ask concerned. I realized I was gripping onto a strong, muscular arm that made me feel safe and comforted.

"Grace are you alright?" His eyes shine in the gleam of the night light, surprising me. I nod,

"I'm fine, thank you." I let go of his arm, slightly embarrassed, I even leaned on him, a complete stranger. When we landed, it was the middle of the night in London. It didn't take long for us to get off the plane but there was an odd attraction that I had to the way the flight turned out. Nathan and I faced each other outside the gate.

"Nice meeting you again, Grace," he holds out his hand.

"I wish I could say the same," I shake it.

"Hopefully we get to meet again, soon." He gives me a crooked smile.

"Or hopefully we won't." I shrug before turning around to join Heather.


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