Chasing Grace - Chapter 6

"Because I know you feel exactly what I feel. The best part is, you're horrible at hiding it. No offense, Sweetheart."

Memories of last night returned to my head and I instantly wanted to erase them from history. My cheeks burned at the embarrassment of being stood up on my first date. Then I recalled dancing with Nathan. Burying my face farther into the pillow, I was ashamed.

"Good Morning," Heather came to wake me. Little did she know my nightmares of last night had already done that.

"I'm done with London." I announced.

"Grace, we have been here for three days, and now you're saying you're done?" She asked shocked. Turning on my back I gave her a distinct glare, expecting her to know about last night. "Did the date really not go that well?" Then I remembered she was already in bed when I crept inside after leaving Nathan outside the door.

"Well, he never showed up." I spilled the events of last night. "Then, just as I was about to leave, Nathan showed up. I'm not sure why he was there. However, we slow danced and talked about my disappointment before he took me back."

"Honestly Grace, Nathan seems like a nice guy-"

"I'm going to stop you there. Nathan is a conceded, selfish, and gets whatever he wants. At no point will I ever fall for his 'nice' act," I confirmed so there was no mistaking my feelings for the British boy.

"Whatever you say, Grace." She shrugged, giving up. Pulling her long locks up, she whipped her hair into a bun as I allowed myself to sit up. "Where do you want to go next?"

"There is a little island in Greece that my father wrote about." I reached for the journal beside my bed and read a passage:

June 25, 1990

We just landed in Skopelos, Greece and I don't think I have found a place more beautiful. The water couldn't be more blue. Just like her eyes. No matter how many countries I visit or women I meet, I can't forget the lady that stole my heart. Jenny... her name runs through my head a thousand times a day. There is a chapel on top of a cliff in the middle of the bay... I'm determined to marry her there.

"Well, did he?" Heather quickly asked.

"Yes. He went back to New York a few months later and asked my mother, Jenny, to marry him. They got married in that little chapel. I would like to go to Skopelos next. Are you in?" I asked her.

"Of course! Wherever you go, I, your loyal sidekick, will follow!" She struck a heroic pose making me laugh and forget everything of last night. We began looking up information on the information, printing off anything we could find on the Greek island. My heart raced at the thought of seeing the place my parents were wed.



"What do you mean you didn't even get her number?" Jack asked, obviously annoyed.

"It means he's a coward," Tim chimed in, causing me to give him a nasty look. The breakfast table was clearly tension-filled.

"You go to the trouble of getting a few minutes alone with her and don't even take advantage of it?" Jack continued to question.

"I mean you kissed her on the forehead... LAME!" Tim announced to the entire country.

"Keep quiet Tim, that's about the only thing he did do right. It was a nice notion. But, you really do need to get some stability in your relationship with Grace," counseled Tim.

"Okay!" That was enough for me. "Let me clarify something. Yes, I was nervous. However, this doesn't mean that Grace and I have some blooming romance, that all depends on me getting her number."

"So then what was the point of last night?" Tim caused everyone to stop eating and look at me. Opening my mouth I was about to explain when Mum walked in.

"Morning," she was headed for the fridge. I considered her entrance as a blessing. "What are you boys so secretive about?" I gave a death glare, praying they wouldn't say anything about Grace, however Tim stirred the pot by blurting out:


"Nathaniel!" Mother whipped around to give a particular gaze that meant she needed the details.

"Thanks Tim." I offered sarcastically.

"Who is she? Do I know her? Please don't say it's another model." She went on a tiny rant.

"Her name is Grace," Jack fueled the fire.

"You probably don't know her." Tim got off on this kind of entertainment.

"No, she isn't a model," Jack assured Mother. Tim then whispered,

"But, she's American."

"American? Really, Nathaniel? Well, I got to say, that's a new one." She shrugged turning back to her coffee.

"The best part is that, he met up with her last night and doesn't even have her digits," Tim sucked up to Mother, filling her in on every detail.

"Well, does he have genuine feelings for her?" Mum consulted my best lads.

"It seems like it." Jack nodded. Mother walked past me, taking a sip of her coffee before smacking me upside the head.

"OUCH!" I held the area where the sting still throbbed.

"Go find her, Nathaniel!" She called over her shoulder. When looking back at my friends, they were nodding so I exhaled overdramatically, and got up to get dressed. An hour later I was knocking on the same door I was at last night. When opened, the door revealed Grace's friend, Heather.

"What are you doing here?" She tilted her head slightly.

"I'm here to see-"

"Grace!" She yelled into the door. There was a pitter-patter of feet and soon Grace showed herself. Redness arose to her cheeks and I began to smile, knowing the effect I had on her. She offered the door wider for me to come inside.

"We are trying to pack, so sorry if it's a bit messy." She apologized.

"Not a problem." I shrugged even though it made my head go crazy to think I might never see her again if she picked up and left. "So, you're packing."

"Yeah, I'd tell you where we were going, but you might follow me," she gave an airy laugh, even though it might be the truth to me.

"Yeah," I nodded with a forced chuckle.

"Of course I'm joking, but it is a very funny joke due to the events that have occurred." She pushed some pants into a suitcase, obviously trying to make it fit. I saw her father's journals on the table beside me. There were some papers tucked in and I took a glance while she was distracted. Plane tickets, of course, that read: Skopelos, Greece. I pulled out my phone and typed it in as a note.

"Did you come here for something?" She turned around with crossed arms.

"I just wanted to see how you were, you know, after last night." I tried to sound laid-back, however my nerves were on end. She smoothened back her blonde bangs that fell back in front of her face.

"Thank you, but I think I'm fine. I wanted to go back to the cafe today and ask why he didn't show, but Heather said to stay away." She made my heart race. "I think it'll be best, though, if I left and moved to the next place."

"Still not going to tell me where that is?" I stepped close to her, wanting to watch her reaction. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to resist checking me out. I stuffed my hands into my pockets so I wouldn't do anything I would regret.

"Is it necessary?" She breathed.

"Maybe not. However, your number might be." I went in for the kill.

"We had a temporary meeting and that was it. You helped me when I was weak last night and I thank you for that however, our time is done. It's been... tolerable getting to know you, but this is goodbye," she regained her strength.

"Whatever you say," I lightly laughed, looking away for a split second.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Because I know you feel exactly what I feel. The best part is you're horrible at hiding it. No offense, Sweetheart."

"You can leave now." She pouted because her plan didn't work.

"Whatever you say," I repeated. "Goodbye, Heather." I called over my shoulder. She had gone into the bathroom as soon as I walked in, and had been listening in entire time.

"Bye Nathan!" She returned from the bathroom.

"Bye, Nathan." Grace found joy in pushing away.

"See you around, Grace." I took a risk and bent down to kiss her cheek before exiting her hotel room.


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Published: 6/27/2013
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