Chasing Grace - Chapter 7

Stomping up to him, I approach his personal space.

"Hey, at least we are getting closer to the lips," Tim thought of the cheerful side when I told them about my meeting with Grace this afternoon.

"What are you going to do with the information you have?" Jack curiously pushed.

"I feel like I'm stalking her," I roll my eyes and exhale, frustrated. Looking into my cup of tea, we were once again around my table. The oven clock read 12:35 A.M., I figured, she was already on the plane to Greece.

"When you find a girl that special, it doesn't matter. You could be missing out on your soulmate, ever thought about that?" Jack states firmly.

"Says the guy with a girlfriend," Tim slam in his face, Jack obviously on cloud nine thinking about his girl, "I'm just saying this girl is hot and she'd be fun to chase. Do it for the game if nothing else."

"But, I have no excuse to go to Greece," I claim, "she already thinks I'm following her."

"Nathaniel!" Mother calls as she walks into the room.

"Mum? I thought you were in bed already," I turn to face her as she leans against the entry to the kitchen.

"I had some paperwork to go through and got an e-mail about a photo shoot in three days that you forgot to schedule. Nathan, you have to be on these things," she scolds me.

"I'm sorry," I let my tail go between my legs, knowing I was slacking in my responsibilities.

"They are giving you a choice where you want it and I know last time we talked you wanted to do it in L.A., should I tell them that?" She glances at some papers in her hand. Turning to the lads slowly, it clicked....

"How about Greece? Skopelos preferably?" I suggest with raised eyebrows and the boys catch on.

"Really?" Mum's expression is puzzled, "is there a specific reason onto why you wanna go to Greece?"

"I've never been there. Plus, the pictures would be great if I were on the beach with the water and such." I come up with a sappy answer. Shrugging she writes it down and announces that she will retrieve tickets for us to go on Friday before disappearing back to her office.

"Nicely played," Tim looks impressed.

"Props," Jack laughs at my cleverness.



"Thank you," Heather sighs from beside me.

"For what exactly?" I look over at her.

"Choosing this!" She extends her arms at the beach we were on.

Children were splashing around in the water while the waves stretched across the beach before retreating. We were laying in beach chairs with swimsuits on that we had purchased the day before at an adorable shop down in the village yesterday. Every day brings something new!

"We've been here for three days and I don't think I'd get tired of it, like ever," I claim.

Combing my fingers through my beach waves, I felt all my problems melt away in the Greek sun. We decided to break for lunch and threw on our sundresses over our bikinis. Climbing up the steps back to the village, we found a small vender that sold pita sandwiches.

"How are you feeling about London?" Heather hesitantly asked.

"You mean about being stood up or about Nathan?" I know what she was trying to get at.

"Both? Mainly Nathan," Heather nibbles on her bread.

"I don't have any concerns about it anymore," I shrug and sip my water.

"Come on, be real with me, Grace, please," She begs. She had been trying so hard to be here for me and has done nothing to make me not trust her.

Taking a moment to collect my nerves I finally answer, "I do kind of wish I would have given him my number or something. He wasn't horrible..." I admit, "however, that doesn't mean we would become anything."

"Oh thank goodness!" She starts to laugh, "I thought you were immune to attractive guys."

"Really?" I give her a dull look for the insult, "forget it, let's go."

Throwing away our trash, we decide to continue down the beach for a new place to lay out. A few guys whistle at us and call out words in Greek which I assume were about our bodies. Heather soaked in the attention while I tried to run from it. Blushing every time, she would begin to giggle and wave to the boy.

"Stop that," I laugh out of embarrassment.

"Just because you don't know how to flirt doesn't mean I can't," she pokes fun of my disability. We hear girls screaming and squint to see down the beach, "I wonder what that is?"

"It looks like they are all crowding around something," I narrow my eyesight. We continue walking out of curiosity. It feels like there is a million people around. I see tall lights set up in the sand and a crew of people who weren't wearing swimming suits.

"NATHAN DAVIS!" A girl with a thick accent screamed next to me. Rolling my eyes, I give Heather a distinct look. I push through the girls before being stopped at the police line that restricted anyone to pass.

There he was.

Modeling in a bathing suit, printed in the British flag, obviously trying to represent his home country, he was kicking around a soccer ball trying to pose for the camera.

"Do a trick for us, Nathan," the photographer requested, snapping away. All the girls began to scream louder and he kicked it up, balancing it on his head before popping it off to his foot again. Enjoying the attention, his arrogant smile smeared across his face.

I was furious he was here... I was finally away from him. I was away from any distractions, especially British boys whose ego was out of this world. I ducked under the tape and the police began to stop me but that's when Nathan saw me. Letting his footrest on the ball he crosses his arms over his chest that was perfectly toned and muscular.

"Well, look who it is?" He glances over his shoulder at his friends relaxing on the sidelines of the photo shoot, "you can let her in."

The police let go of me and Heather was right on my heals. Stomping up to him, I approach his personal space.

"What are you doing here?" I hiss.

"Can we take a five-minute break?" He asks the photographer, who nodded and began talking to his assistants.

"I had a photo shoot," he sounds innocent, "what are you doing?"

"I was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach before something horrific stopped me!"

"Yeah, you're looking a little red," he brushes his hands over my arms, "want me to rub in some sunscreen?"

"Ugh! You're frustrating!" I press my lips together into a thin line while his lush lips revealed a confident smile. Glancing over my shoulder to where Heather should have been, I realized she had disappeared. Letting my eyes scan the beach, I see her talking to Tim, one of Nathan's friends.

"So what are you really doing here?" I try to forget his fingertips that lightly traced my warm skin which grew goosebumps due to his chilling touch. He hadn't stopped and was figuring his effect on me.

"You should come to the party tonight," he changes the topic.

"Don't ignore the question."

"I'm not. I'm saving it for later. I'm saving it for the party," a crooked smile spread on his face as he shifted his weight closer so he had his arms around me and his hands were on the small of my back, holding me. His abs of steel were distracting my eyes, as were all of his other muscles. His lips were right there and I could easily close the gap. Grabbing his biceps, I lean my frame forward like a tease before pulling away, however the photographer got to snap a picture of the sight.

"Beautiful!" He exclaims.

"Oh my gosh," I shake my head.

"Come to the party tonight," he told me the address and I gave him a very uncertain look before calling, "Heather! Come on, let's go." I begin to walk in the opposite direction of the shoot with Heather skipping to keep up with me.


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Published: 8/9/2013
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