Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 1

Abram's life.
Korina Emm has only been in one movie and has had two small parts in Veevo shows. She is by no means an big celebrity like Trisha Glam, or Helena Velanova. Korina Emm is not even her real name, it's Alex Emmerich. Abram only knows that because everyone around Red Hill knows it. To them, Korina is a big deal, even if no one else in the colonies thinks so.

In the past couple of years, the slender sweetheart has fallen from the spotlight. No longer gracing the covers of the tabloid vids. Rumors have spread of her having drug problems and her sketchy relationship with a Pro FragBall player.

When everyone seemed to forget about her, Abram finally took notice. He at first scoffed, repulsed at her fakeness and skimpy Mimic-ko costumes. Abram is usually attracted to more of a ...bustier woman, not like Korina with her petite figure. Since everyone left Earth the cultural differences have blended. The term 'mixed' has simply faded since there is so many interracial couples. Abram is more attracted to Hispanic or an ethnic woman to offset his pasty-colored skinned.

Korina is just as pale as he is... well, she tans he thinks.
'What is it about her?' He mutters, again trapped by her smiling pics. He closes his cpu noticing the time, he is late.
'Anna is gonna kill me.' He thinks heading out the door.

It is Wednesday night, which is soy-burger chili night. The couple usually eats with Anna's mom, before cuddling together for a movie. Once there, he realizes he forgot to pick up something to drink, remembering this after he rings the doorbell. He droops his shoulders with an exhausted huff when Anna opens with a smile.

"You forgot the drinks?"
He gives a sad nod, entering the house.
Fortunately Anna is prepared for Abram's forgetfulness. "I guess I can make some tea." She jokingly huffs while her younger sister Natalie runs around. Ms. Ortega mutters something ordering everyone to the table.

Both Anna and her mother work at Red Hills biggest plant, StarGear-Stone Inc. They make Lc engine parts and hover pads. Abram worked at the plant briefly a couple of years ago, which is where they met. 'Land Cruzer's ... Ms. Ortega would often say, badly mispronouncing Lc's proper title. "No one even says 'Land Cruiser's' anymore, jus 'Lc's'" Natalie would say, correcting her mother.

Ms. Ortega works on the main floor assembling the small anti-grav turbines. Anna has moved up to the front office as a clerk. Abram likes her working there; she wears dresses now instead of oily cargo pants that people on the main floor wears.

Wednesday's are fun, simple but fun. He and Anna are happy. Things are progressing smoothly in their one-year relationship. However, it's not quick enough for Ms. Ortega.

'Abram I am not getting any younger, I need some grand kids... but that's after you marry her.' She always says, openly chastising him.
He will one day. To him Anna is the one, the only one for him. Abram likes to think that if his dad were still alive, he would like Anna.


After dinner the lovebirds watch Veevo. They watch one of Anna's favorite shows, a sappy teen drama of Alien Princess and Princes. Abram doesn't mind it; he just enjoys being around Anna. He warmly smiles while listening to her tell a story of today's events at work. He then notices something looking closer. He sees a faint line of hair above her top lip; it has gotten darker in the past week.

He turns away, not wanting to stare. He wants to tell her but he knows that won't end well, Anna is feisty. He likes that about her. He likes everything about her. Her slight mustache doesn't turn him off; he is not suddenly un-attracted to her. He loves her long hair, pretty eyes, and dynamite smile.

Well, he wishes she would brush her teeth a little more. Anna is a fan of dark sodas and it takes a toll on her teeth. However she is still really attractive. The average person probably would never notice it. After all, he knows that he is not perfect. He knows he has put on some pounds in recent months. He thinks about the fat around his waist. He is in good shape and great health, but he is far from having washboard abs.

Just... wish... she would... do her hair a little different. Today it's a pony tail again... like always. He thinks. It seems she often wears her hair like this. This he doesn't like, to him it seems lazy, or rushed.

Abram shakes away his superficial thoughts, putting an arm around his lady. She responds with a kiss on his right cheek, nestling closer too him. Anna is perfect; I wouldn't change a thing on her. He thinks with pride.

Moments later he wakes from his shallow trail of Anna's appearance. He knows he is lucky to have her. He is happy with her, and would never say anything to hurt her feelings.

He then wonders how long has he thought about these things? He doesn't think he ever noticed these things about her before. Anna's flaws didn't use to bother him at all. What changed?


Anna says, jarring Abram from his thoughts. "She got plastic surgery. She didn't look like that a couple of years ago."
An entertainment correspondent chats with a celebrity. Trisha Glam is a movie star that teases of a remake of her old hit show 'Out of Place'. She talks of her friend Korina Emm, who played her best friend in the show.

Anna disapprovingly rambles about Korina's new look. "Everyone on Cassiopeia are fake. Dying their hair unnatural colors, with the spray tans and surgeries. Never thought Korina would end up like them."

Abram stays silent, mostly agreeing with his girlfriend.
'There not all bad' He thinks as a picture of Korina and Trisha Glam scroll across the Veevo. It's a picture he was looking at, just before he came here.

"How about we go out to eat this weekend?" He quickly asks wanting to change the subject, before Korina's takes over his attention.

"Mmmh... sure. Where do ya wanna go?"

He ponders for a little. "How bout Astro Dave's?" He asks with a laugh.
"Dave's? The place where all the servers are girls with there taata's out." She responds rolling her eyes.

"I don't think I want boobies and glitter hair extensions with my synth-chicken wings."
Abram only smiles feeling embarrassed to even mention it.

"Well... maybe we can go. You've been a good boy." She turns sitting up in the chair. "Or... I can dress like that. You want me to put on a tube top and a skintight skirt for you Abram?" She says in a squeaky, little girl voice while grabbing her chest. She jokingly leans forward, bumping Abram.

He laughs it off, giving her a hug back. 'Yeah...That would be nice.'

They return to their show, enjoying their alone time. However, his attention is split. At first, he does fantasize about Anna having glowing hair and tight shorts. It frustrates him a little that he has to imagine Anna wearing something like that, instead of actually seeing it. He begins to bring it up but hesitates, ultimately saying nothing.

Korina wears stuff like that all the time... and she doesn't look slutty he thinks. Well... a little slutty... but she does that for fun. She doesn't dress... like that all the time.

The Veevo again grabs their eyes as a local commercial plays of the yearly Red Hill 'SpaceRun'. The run a big event for their little colony and will be held in a couple of days. It seems one of the guest celebrities to attend will be Korina herself.

'Korina's return to red Hill' the brief ad flashes leaving his stomach in knots, yet nervously excited.


Thanks K and Miha for your comments. I hope he doesn't kill her.
Published: 5/27/2015
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