Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 10

Things begin to improve for Abram, that is until his two love interests come face-to-face.
Abram hops off his bike-Lc outside his girlfriend Anna’s house. He is in a good mood this evening. It is Thursday night and he is eager to get back to the more normal things, like ‘chili night’. He grabs the bags of groceries with a spring in his step.

Things have improved with Anna. The couple talks often during the day while they are both at work, and then he spends his evenings at her house. This night being the third in a row.
Natalie lets Abram inside, telling him of her day's events at school. He playfully chats with her unpacking things, getting the dinner ready.

Things are going so good that he hasn’t thought about Korina. He hasn’t looked at any pictures of Korina since he left her house Sunday morning. His infatuation for her is simply gone. Abram shudders at the thought of how stupid he was. He knows he stalked a woman and the shame of it makes him cringe. He is glad to put that part of his life behind him.

However, he did receive a weird text yesterday afternoon. Helloo….? Is all the message said.

The text came from a number he did not recognize. At first he thought someone may have got a wrong number. Then a chilling thought struck him. It could have been Korina.

They did exchange numbers, he remembered but there was no logical reason why Korina would be messaging him.
Couldn’t have been her. He thought and went on with his day.

Anna is slow to join Abram and her family in the kitchen and when she does, she is upset. Abram does not notice at first, giving her a hug and a playful kiss. It is not until they are all seated that Ms. Ortega brings it up.
"What is wrong with you?" She sharply says to her daughter.
Anna doesn't respond, trying to hide her tense mood.

"You can't still aren’t mad about that girl, are you?" Ms. Ortega pesters.
"What girl?" Abram asks, making Anna huff when she responds.
"Who do you think? Korina." She rudely says.

Abram heart plummets. His face furrows, being spun into a world of questions.

"She came to the plant today." Ms. Ortega informs.
"StarGear Inc is a partner with a new program, which is a sponsor some youth league. Korina came prancing around… passing out energy drinks."

Abram’s attention drifts, suddenly remembering Korina saying that she would be working as a sponsor for a sports drink. She also said that working as a sponsor is how she met Peyton. That’s the real reason why Abram selectively forgot that Korina ever bringing it up. He scoffs at the thought of the meathead jock.

"The bitch talked to me." Anna mutters with such scorn, it surprises everyone.
Natalie giggles as Ms. Ortega gasps in shock.
"Anna Roslyn Ortega! We do not talk like that in this house!" Her mom yelps, firmly placing a hand on the table.
Anna rises from the table walking out front. Abram is close on her heels frantic with questions.


"What did she say?" Abram pesters having never seen Anna get this upset before.
"Can't believe your into her… she’s soo fake!" Anna says with her hands balled into a fist.

"Men are such pigs…" She adds.

"… she had the nerve to come and talk to me, wearing some skin tight costume with her boobs out." Anna rants in a jealous fit.

Abram tries to calm her down, still not getting a clear answer. "What did she say?" He asks again.
"She said… that I was a lucky girl." Anna begins with a roll of her eyes.

Abram is frozen, not even sure how Korina knew about Anna. He stands in turmoil. Korina and Anna coming face to face hardly seems possible. It is something he never thought would ever happen.

"All the office staff met with the sponsors, helping them setup." Anna mentions after taking a long breath, finally recounting what happened.

"Korina was the star of the show, taking pictures with people, giving hugs and kisses to any ogling fanboy. Did… you tell her about me?"

Abram stomach drops again, unsure how to answer the question. "I don’t think so…" he mutters trying to remember if he did. He doesn’t know why he would tell Korina about Anna.

Maybe I did….I was kinda out of it…. He ponders.

"She chatted me up…trying to make small talk. Told me I was pretty, joked about me becoming a Mimic-ko model." Anna scoffs.
"…She grabbed my ID badge, checking my name. That’s when she said I was a lucky girl." Anna finishes.

Abram head swirls, going over the weird encounter in his mind. He begins to sweat nervously. So many questions spring up, he is left speechless.

It sounded like an odd conversation… then again Korina can be odd…Abram thinks.

His heart beats so loud that he can hardly hear anything else. They both are left quiet, sharing a long moment of silence. Anna softly sniffles, snapping Abram from his daze. She tries to hide her tears and when he notices he wraps his arms around her.

"I’m sorry… I’ve never meant to… I don’t know why she would…" He begins, unsure what else to say.

Anna pushes him away, feeling rejected. Her rational thoughts fade into the background as jealousy takes over.
"Maybe you should leave… I’m not in the mood for chili." She says.

"No." Abram replies, suddenly finding his voice. "I’m not leaving. I don’t… think she knows about you. Even if she does, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to let this ruin us. I am here with you. I’ve been here all week. And I will be here next week... and the week after that." He says reaching out to hug her again.

This time Anna doesn’t push away, in fact she leans in with a long sigh of relief.

Things have improved; she knows where Abram’s heart is. He assures of her of his love again, calming things down.

"I do trust you… it was just hard to see her." She says feeling better. The couple continues to hold each other, neither wanting to let go.

"I will admit… she looks good in that costume." Anna adds with a derisive laugh.
Published: 2/26/2016
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