Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 2

Korina Emm comes to town.
Red Hill's deputy is again on the dreary highway on this late morning. Abram slightly frowns staring at one of Korina's pics. In this one, she is dressed as 'Yoki' a fictional character from a FlanGa comic-vid about a kung-fu High school. She is in a bright red and white cheerleaders outfit with a short skirt. The image teeters on the edge of cute to sexy, more sexy than cute. Abram doesn't know this particular comic-vid, he's never even seen the character she is dressed as. A lot of Korina's pics are like this.

When her veevo career slowed, Korina found success as a Mimic-ko girl. Mimic-ko is something youths from the orient suburb-cities of 'Epsilon Indi III' would do. It's where a fan of a popular show or comic-vid dresses up as one of the characters. Mimic-ko has expanded beyond the Orient becoming popular in the last year, especially among girls. Guys like it because they get to see these sexy fictional characters come to life.

Abram always thought Mimic-ko was silly. Dressing up as some wizard, or space knight seemed extreme to him. Sure, he likes a good Sci-fantasy-action movie. At one time, he even had a small collection of comic-vids, but he would never dress up as a character.

Galaxy Blade was his favorite FlanGa, during his teenage years. He collected the toys and even got a replica sword of the shows Hero 'Claymore', a deadly space ninja on a quest to avenge his fallen master. But that was a long time ago.

He flicks away from Korina's 'Yoki' pic. Out of reflex, he then pulls up another popular pic of her, the one that started his love affair.

'Zea-La', is an orange skinned warrior princess. The Zea-La outfit drives most guys crazy. Her entire torso is exposed, besides two small cup-like bands that cover the middle of her breast. A bikini-like bottom covers her lower half, offset by high-heeled boots that extend upwards over the knees. Zea-la never looked this good in the comic-vids.

Korina awkwardly stands next to a wall, with one hand on her side. She tilts her hips slightly as the hair from her absurdly long wig hangs past her rear. The other hand wields a colorful sword, finishing off the look. Korina commented that this is the costume that won her many awards in mimic-ko contests. This outfit boosted her career the most, getting her sponsorships.

The outfit is sexy but that is not what he likes about it. He doesn't quite know what it is.

There are hundreds of sexy, nude women on thousands of adult sites that he could stare at. There are hundreds of voluptuous pin up models that far outshines Korina's figure. He has seen other girls mimic-ko as Zea-la, some of which have a better physique, some with more... curves. He has repeatedly admitted that Korina is not the best or prettiest. In this pic, he can spot some of her many flaws. He is not the only one to notice. Sometimes her outfits aren't well received. Sometimes a jerk would comment that she is way too flat chested to dress like Zea-la.

In a way... he likes those flaws. Maybe that's the lure. She isn't perfect.

To him it is kinda cool that she not only knows the FlanGa shows and comic-vids but also goes to great length to dress as these characters. Korina commented that her Zea-la outfit was hand-made and took her many days to complete. To him that is not only cool, but also honorable in a way. Most notably it is courageous. They have something in common, simply being fans.

A crackle from his comms interrupts his continuous study of everything Korina. He huffs picking up the receiver when the Sheriff's voice blurts.
"I need you downtown on crowd control." The Sheriff orders.
Abram sits up having nearly forgot about the event that will take place later today. Better yet, his mimic-ko crush is supposed to arrive in Red Hill today.
"Copy that." He says with a smile getting nervous.

He cranks up his Squad-Lc and speeds off.


Red Hill is small enough that a person could drive to all four walls in less than a day but it is big enough that there are parts of the colony that Abram has never been. Today a crowd of a couple of hundred has congregated in and around downtown. The Red Hill Space-Run started off as a rivalry between this colonies oldest high school many years ago. It's an event to unite the schools where the current graduating class run or walk a course hitting all of Red Hills landmarks.

Abram and other officers from the Sheriff's Department stand alongside a makeshift stage in the downtown park. His uncle is visibly excited. William 'Bill' Eckhart is not only Red Hill's sheriff, but also the owner of a local bar 'The Nashville Saloon'. It's a small, failing bar that tries to achieve a Cowboy look. Bill equally mirrors that look with a large cowboy hat and rustic snake skinned boots. The Sheriff is a self-proclaimed ladies man and parties like one. His party lifestyle gained him a dy-stick addiction. Most didn't know that, but Abram remembers. He remembers carrying a drugged up and drunk Sheriff out a couple of bars. But Bill is better now, almost losing his position forced him to clean up.

He has a stack of flyers in hand for an after-party his bar is hosting.
"After the run, folks are gonna be hungry, so that means the bar will be packed." The pudgy sheriff says behind a large pair of shades.
"Food n drinks will be on me the next time you bring Anna. By the way... how is she doing?" He quickly asks with a twang in his voice.

Abram begins to answer but Bill turns to say hello to a passerby. The Sheriff is popular, and has a habit of ignoring his adoptive nephew.
"That Anna is a good girl, cute... like her momma. Boy, why you dragging your feet with her? You better make an 'honest woman' out of her before some other jerk gets her first." He adds grabbing the back of Abram's neck.

Sometimes Bill can be annoying and rude, but he loves the big guy. Before Abram's dad died, he and Bill were good friends. Bill became his uncle of sorts, watching over him.

The Sheriff drags Abram on stage as he goes to make an announcement. He brazenly takes the microphone, encouraging everyone to come to his bar for the Space-Run after-party. As always, the Sheriff wants to steal the show, not caring who he upsets in the process. The mayor interrupts with a fake smile, ushering the cowboy Sheriff off stage. He soon gets the show back on track by introducing some celebrity guest.

The first guest is a semi-famous comedian and his robotic spider-monkey puppet. His routine usually revolves around him and the puppet taking jabs at each other. The monkey will say some inappropriate comments to any cute woman nearby while the comedian scolds him.

Abram barely cracks a smile alongside his uncle. He stands on the edge of the large stage, affront of the hundred or so people in the park. He is secretly excited to see Korina in the flesh.

Abram probably knows the second guest better than Korina. Peyton McHale was a star quarter-back for the Orionis Knights. He steps out on stage to a big applause since most people in Red Hill are Fragg-ball fans.

His meat-head personality gained him popularity on and off the field. Even though he is known as a bad-boy, people still like him. He says a few words, thanking everyone for being there then mentions the status of his free agency and where he might play next season. He soon steps off stage to a second applause.

The next guest will forever change Abram's life.

Music begins to play as a couple of members of Red Hill High's band team march in front of the stage. Abram eagerly watches as his fantasy girl runs out on stage. Korina takes a twirl wearing 'Yoki's' cheerleading costume, the one he was looking at earlier. He later notices that its modified as a Red Hill high's cheerleader outfit. She receives medium-size applause, no one reacting like they did for Peyton. When she takes the microphone she gets a lot of howls from guys, whistles and catcalls. Abram has a mixed reaction. On one side he is glad to finally see her, not that this was his lifelong dream, but happy.
"Damn... look at the buns on her. If she was a couple of years older...." Bill says elbowing Abram.

Abram is mostly embarrassed that people stare at her like a piece of meat. He feels a little defensive.
No one knows her like that... well I don't really know her either... but...

Korina says a couple of words, saying how happy she is to be back in Red Hill. She says some more things but Abram doesn't pay attention. He is taken back by her voice, it is nothing like he imagined. Korina talks very flatly, almost deep in a way. Also her mannerism intrigues him. So much about her is strange, yet familiar.

He carefully scans her outfit. Again her butt is slightly exposed. Her long jet-black wig looks especially fake in real life. However the stockings are nice. Before he knows it, she is walking off stage, waving her pom-poms before leaving. She vanishes as quickly as she appeared.


Abram spends the whole event on duty, everything ending very quickly. He sits in a squad-Lc with the Sheriff, in deep thought about Korina. He was Glad to see her in person. He thinks of attending one of those Flan-ga Conventions just to see her. Bill revs up the Lc, radioing about their escort route.

"Where... are we going?" Abram asks missing the details.
"Why ain't you listening boy? Mayor wants us to escort our guests to their new home." Bill responds as night begins to fall.
"Home? I thought they were staying in a hotel?"
"The comedian is but that young couple ain't. McHale and his hot lil meem-ee-iko cheerleader are staying for a couple of weeks." He responds, badly mispronouncing 'mimic-ko'.
"Rumor is... McHale has a dy-stick problem. They will probably go to Doc Ansari's rehab clinic."
"The one you went to." Abram says with a smile.
Bill only frowns. "Yeah, that one. Dylithium ain't nooo joke kid, let me tell ya."

Red Hill is small enough that on a clear day a person can barely see all four walls, but it is big enough that Abram hasn't been on this road. Oceanview road sits besides Red Hill's small pier on the eastern wall. The short dead-end road has a dozen or so large-sized beachfront houses. Nothing in Red Hill is outlandishly expensive, not like Cassiopeia's Beverly Plaza. Oceanview is probably the second most expensive area in Red Hill, much nicer than where Abram stays.

He and Bill are right behind the stylish rental-Lc. He taps his foot trying to hide his excitement. Not only is Korina staying in Red Hill but also he is taking her to her house. After a moment he scratches his head, embarrassed to act this way over a Mimic-ko girl.

The road curves a little then slopes down a small hill, their destination being on the right. The rental pulls into the third to the last house on the road. The sheriff parks on the street and they hop out.

Bill approaches with outstretch hands welcoming the couple like a proud realtor. The Fragg-ball player is just as big as he seems on the Veevo. Abram thinks Peyton's blondish spiky hair and stylish shades make him look silly, like a stereotypical jock. Korina is slow to exit. When she does it freezes Abram in his tracks.

Again Abram is taken back at her appearance. She is shorter than she appears in her pics. Still in her cheerleader Mimic-ko outfit she looks radiant as ever. She flings her long hair back before tugging down her red and white skirt. Abram stares in quiet admiration.

"Yeah... I was never talented in Fragg-ball, but my nephew here was." The Sheriff blurts, waving Abram closer.
"Abram's school made the Interim semi finals when he was a junior. He was a mean Tight End." Bill proudly says giving Abram a smack on his shoulder.
Peyton nods his head, probably having heard this kind of conversation a thousand times.

"Oh, where are my manners." Bill lowers his hat approaching Korina. "I am Sheriff William Eckhart, but everyone calls me Bill." He says taking off his shades introducing himself to Korina.
He takes her hand, gently kissing it. As always, he openly flirts with any attractive woman. Korina smiles not being offended. "Pleasure." She responds.

"This is my geeky nephew, Deputy Abram Garnett. I think he is a fan of yours."
The words almost crush Abram. His face turns red. Abram nods his head, saying hello, barely making eye contact.
"It's swagg Deputy, don't sweat it, I'm kind of a geek myself." Korina laughs easing the mood.

"Well... I wanted to... let you guys know that if there is anything you all need, me or my nephew would be happy to help." Bill and Peyton shake hands again before turning to leave.
Abram is happy to exit, his heart feeling as if it will explode. He doesn't bother to look back, not realizing Korina waved to him. He just wants to end this day, feeling that he left a bad first impression.

In a way he is right, Korina would not be impressed by someone like Abram. But Alex on the other hand... she might.
Published: 6/6/2015
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