Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 3

Abram's love affair begins.
Deputy Garnett is having an unusually good day, despite being back on the Highway 4c-11. He is in good spirits on this Friday afternoon, still upbeat after yesterday’s events. For the first time in a while, he is glad to be working in the Sheriff’s office. If not, he would have never met Korina.

Every so often he mentally smacks himself over this childish crush. ‘What is happening to me?’ He grunts putting down his mobi.

He turns away from another one of Korina’s pics, wanting to defy the spell that he is under. He leans back, sitting in his squad-Lc simply pleased that no one knows of his sudden obsession with everything Korina Emm.

After seeing her, his second impression was very pleasant. Sometimes in her costumes, she looks bustier and voluptuous. But her petite figure in real life is far more to his liking. Most guys would probably be upset upon seeing a girl that does not look exactly as she does in her pics. Abram doesn’t mind it though; it makes her seem more human, makes her real to him.

Abram’s upbeat mood continues until the end of his day. He taps the steering wheel of his Lc to a silent tune, enjoying an impromptu patrol ride near downtown. On a whim, he turns towards Oceanview road before making his way back to the station. His curiosity takes over. Before he knows it, he is at the top of the hill, not being fully conscious of his actions. He parks the Lc on the side of the road about three houses down from Korina’s.

I just wanna see… what…’ not knowing exactly what he wants to see.
Frankly, from this vantage point he cannot see much of anything. Also, it is doubtful Korina will suddenly waltz from the house. But still, he is curious and doesn’t want to move on the off chance that he could get a glance at her.

It takes many minutes before his better judgment snaps him to reality. ‘What am I doing? I am such an idiot!’ He mumbles cranking up the Lc. He leaves Oceanview road fighting the urge to stay.


Saturday is like any other. After a half day of work, he gets some much-needed exercise. Then he meets up with Anna for a brief walk in the park. They casually chat enjoying their time together, well Anna chats and Abram listens. However he quietly walks besides her. His mind pleasantly blank that is until Anna gets a text on her mobi. Abram in turn quickly reaches for his. One of Korina’s cheerleading pics is still the desktop image on his mobi. Sometimes Anna will use his mobi, maybe to show him a funny Veevo clip, or take a pic of the two of them. If Anna were to use his mobi, he does not want Korina’s exposed rear glaring up at his girlfriend. So, he quickly removes the pic and continue their walk.

Moments after the small event, Abram’s attention is diverted. He gets lost in thought, pondering about Korina. Not simply picturing her sprawled out half-naked on his bed but ‘how’ things would be if he knew her. He thinks ‘what it would be like if he went to one of the Flanga conventions?’ He spirals down a hill of questions and countless possibilities of ‘what is she like?’ ‘What... would they be like together?’.

"Abram… hello?" Anna repeats finally getting his attention.
"What?" He replies, doing so with a hint of rudeness.
Anna notices his tone and is taken a step back. She stops walking, looking at him strangely.

"Something’s... wrong." She says more like a statement rather than a question.
Abram mutters at first being put on the spot. She can tell something is off with him, but not quite what.
"You’ve been… strange all week. You didn’t even call me today. Normally you…" She says without thinking.

"Nothing's wrong. Just… a lot has been going on. The Space-Run… and Bill’s bar." He says reaching for a hug. He assures her that there is no problem.
Anna’s anxiety calms as she hugs him back. He plants a big kiss on her cheek then a playful pinch to her side and all is well.

They continue their night walk. Abram breathes a little easier knowing that he must work harder to balance things. His affection for Korina will not simply die, he doesn’t want it to.

Tonight he finally gives in to his emotions. As silly as it may be to him, he is in love with two women.


Sunday afternoon, Abram and Anna meet up with some friends, Cynthia and Richard. Richard played frag-ball with Abram, while Cynthia works with Anna at Star Gear Inc. The four relax at a small table in the back of the Sheriff’s bar. They enjoy a small meal exchanging jokes and embarrassing stories.

Abram is glad to see Richard, recently the two have drifted apart. Richard has become a party boy since starting his freshman year at Red Hill’s small college. When they were young, Richard was sickly, stricken with asthma. He has since grown out of it, shedding his frail innocence.

The girls rise from the table and exit to the bathroom. In the few moments, the guys are alone, Abram tells his buddy all about his boring life. But Richard interrupts as he gets a message. His eyebrows arch as he gets his mobi. He tries to hold in a smile, obviously wanting Abram to ask who messaged him. Abram inquires with a nod, but his gut feeling already knows.

"Blue shirt." Richard smirks thumbing towards the bar.
Abram observes the ‘L’ shaped bar, seeing a young, attractive woman in blue.
"Joanna?" Abram asks only to get confirmation in the form of a proud laugh.

Joanna is a bartender that Abram knows. She is a not too smart blonde that his uncle Bill hired strictly for her looks. She is one of those girls that is very friendly and falls easily for the wrong kind of guy.

"I mean… it's nothing serious… but… you know." Richard proudly says holding in a laugh.

"What about Cynthia?"
"Don’t give me that crap Sheriff… we are just friends. It's not like that, it's nothing bad… yet." He laughs. "I just think that… I’m a lil young. Cynthia is great and all… but why not see what else is out there?"

Abram nearly gets up from his chair, being disgusted. He instantly feels bad for Cynthia, she is his friend. For the first time, he looks at Richard differently.

How could he do that to her? I would never do that to Anna…

"…don’t get me wrong, I love Cyn and all but… she was my first real girlfriend, my first... everything. I just don’t know if she gets me anymore… we aren’t on like the same page. It's like we want different things… you know?" He confesses, wanting Abram to relate.

Abram hesitates to answer, mumbling a "Yeah…" in response.
However, Abram knows exactly what Richard is going through because he may feel the same about Anna.

"It's like… what if there was someone else out there? It’s a big universe. That perfect broad could be out there and what if I’m missing her being stuck here on Red mud Hill?" He finishes as their respective girlfriends return to the table.

Abram can hardly speak, being visibly shaken, whereas Richard hops up to give Cynthia a kiss. Abram’s judgmental scorn of Richard quickly fades as he notices his friend’s ability to balance his conflicts. Richard has such deep questions and doubts, yet Cynthia doesn’t know a thing. Abram admires him a little. He doubts Richard is doing anything wrong with Joanna.
Richard is not that kind of person.

Maybe… he just likes to fantasize about Joanna… like the way I think about… Korina…
Published: 6/16/2015
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