Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 5

There is a disturbance at Korina's house.
For once, Abram is glad to be at his post on Highway 4C-11. The uneventful road allows him to catch up on some much-needed rest. Spending the night under a deck, sleeping against a support beam has left his neck stiff. He groans awkwardly sitting in his Lc, his elbow perched atop of his CPU, trying to get as comfortable as possible. He has been sluggish all morning, sporadically dozing off. He still feels bad about blowing off Anna. He has sent a half dozen 'apology' texts, none of which have been answered. He knows she is mad at him, still not knowing how he will explain his whereabouts. But for now, he tries to rest.

Moments later his comms repeatedly buzz.
"Hey boy... I need you downtown." His uncle's voice chimes over the comms. Abram huffs reluctantly answering it. "I'm too far. Where is Steven's? He should be in that area." Abram rudely responds.

"I ain't asking him, I am asking you. It's about that lil girl you like."
The words cause Abram to sit upright, his heart jumps in fear.
"Something happened at that celeb couple's house. Get down here now."
His stomach drops as he starts his Lc.

Was I spotted? There's no way... it was pitch dark... no one could have... are some of the many thoughts racing through his mind.

If he was seen sneaking around Korina's house, it would ruin his life here on Red Hill.


By the time Abram arrives, he is almost a nervous wreck. He pulls up at the exact spot where he normally parks when he 'visits' Korina's house. Bill paces affront of house One-Fifty One, waving Abram over.

"You done messed up big this time." Bill says pushing up his hat.
Abram stomach drops getting out of his Lc. He begins to sweat, unsure how he will explain the numerous laws he broke last night.
"You sure know how to pick 'em. That girl you idolize may be in deep doo-doo. A mess I don't wanna deal with." He begins. "You remember skinny Willy, with the bad hip? You know... the handy man."
Abram doesn't answer, being confused.

"Willy gave me a call. Said things aren't going 'good' over there." He adds thumbing at house One-Fifty Two. "Willy was finishing up some work the realtor was wanting, done at our star couple's house yesterday. Said they were screaming at each other."
"What?" Abram yelps, the fears about his late night visit vanish. Korina's safety becomes his concern.

"He heard em yelling at each other, then a bunch of crashing. He later saw the young girl. Said her face was bruised. I think ol Peyton is taking his frustrations with the League out on his girl."
Abram clinches his fist angry. "We need to arrest him!"

"Calm down 'Hero'... we gotta tread lightly. If we arrest a star Fragball player, it'll start a shit storm of a media mess. And if we are wrong, the mayor will have my head. I am concerned with the Meemiko girls' safety... but if she doesn't make a complaint, there isn't much we can do."
Abram jaw drops, angered at the statement.

"I know... it sucks but that's why we are here. I figure we... talk to em. That'll make our presence known to Peyton while letting Korina know we are here for her."

The two walk towards the house, Abram feeling as if they should do more than just 'talk'. By the time Bill knocks on the door, Abram is swaying side to side as if he is ready to fight. The way Peyton answers, the door doesn't help things.

"What!" The spiky-haired jock says answering the door. He squints his baggy eyes, changing his tone, when he realizes it is the sheriff at his door. He becomes polite, nicely greeting the two men.

"Don't mean to be a bother Mr. McHale, me and my deputy were just dropping by to check on ya, see how you guys are settling in." Bill responds matching his politeness.

'Get to it already! Ask him why he's hitting Korina!' Abram almost screams. The men exchange niceties, further irritating Abram. But Bill's tactic does get them inside the house.

"Preciate ya for inviting us in. We are here because... sometimes our younger... troubled citizens like to hang out at the lake and... ya know cause some ruckus late night." Bill says titling his hat upwards, searching for something to say. Abram can tell, he is making this up as he goes along but Peyton doesn't notice.

"Well... as you can see... everything is fine here. I think I can take care of myself if any lil punk wants to try something." Peyton responds. "I bench over three hundred pounds."

Abram rolls his eyes unimpressed. Bill clears his throat before continuing.
"I don't doubt that Peyton, I wouldn't wanna tussle with ya. But... I just wanna make sure that both of you are ok. Ms. Korina... I mean Alex. Is she around?"
"She's busy. I told you we are fine." Peyton says clinching his jaw. A silent threat is issued.

Bill chuckles a little taking off his shades.
"I'm sure she is... but I just want to hear her say that. Because I couldn't live with myself knowing that some harm did befall lil Ms. Korina. I mean if she had been hurt in any way... I would bring Hellfire down upon anyone that would harm her..." Bill says looking Peyton in the eye standing nearly toe to toe with the athlete, matching his intensity.

"Alex is a Red Hill native, I knew her dad... she's like family. So... If you could get her for me." Bill finishes.
Peyton stands firm but complies. He calls for Korina while keeping eye contact with Bill, not wanting to seem weak. Abram smiles, happy to see the jock being put in his place.

A moment later, she comes downstairs, running a hand along the rail. If she is surprised at the Sheriff's presence, she hides it well. She greets them both with a warm smile and wave.

"Sorry, I was getting ready for a Photo shoot." She responding to a question no one asked.

Abram is happy to see her, almost overwhelmed. She is still wearing the same large sweatshirt she had on this morning. Her small shorts are mostly hidden, leaving her legs bare. Abram can tell she is dressing for the Cheerleader character. He recognizes the long black wig and makeup. This frustrates him; even though he likes her look, the makeup hides any sign of a fight.

"Sheriff dropped by to see if we are ok. Seems some kids been vandalizing the neighborhood." Peyton huffs.
"My deputy and I are just checking up. Make sure you guys are adjusting nicely and enjoying your stay."
"Well, I am still in one piece." She says raising her hands twirling.
She doesn't know it, but she completely calms the tense mood, putting the men at ease. Abram smiles, hanging on her every word and action.

"What do you think deputy... do I look ok?" Korina asks Abram. His face flushes. He stutters unsure what to say. She notices his nervousness with a laugh.
"I think we have taken enough of your time." Bill ends the little meeting. "If you ever need anything at all... Red Hill's Sheriff's department is here to help."

Korina thanks the two, escorting them to the door.
"I will call if anything comes up. I feel really safe with you guys watching." She assures them. Abram is the first out, not wanting to embarrass himself further. He lowers his head and almost misses Korina's parting words.

"Thanks Deputy." She says again and again, it causes Abram to turn red.
Published: 7/18/2015
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