Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 6

Abram gets to know Korina.
"I am not acting different." Abram says to a concerned Anna.

He talks to her on his mobi nearing the end of his shift. She hasn’t been pleased with his actions as of late. Anna knows something has been different with him lately. Unsure of how to deal with the situation, she gives him the ‘cold shoulder’ treatment. This is the first time he has talked to her all day.

"What do you mean?" He asks. "Everything is fine… I am just a little stressed…"
That time the words come out defensively.
"Please... don’t be mad at me… I’ll call you tonight and we can talk more about it."

She doesn’t believe him. "Yes I will." He promises.
She says a quick goodbye then hangs up putting a damper on Abram’s day.

He huffs running a hand through his hair. He feels bad about continuously disappointing her. Yet he is curious. How does she know that something is going on.

Nothing has changed he thinks, trying to convince himself. When he glances at his mobi he knows that is not true. Korina has changed things. She has awaken something in him.

Yesterday’s visit was nothing short of exciting. He cringes thinking about his nervous demeanor around Korina. Abram never acted like that with other girls. Korina is different.
He wraps up his days work cranking up his Lc. He will drop off the vehicle at the department, after a quick trip to Oceanview road. Just to check on her.


I know he hit her Abram repeats, deep in thought. His Lc is parked where it usually is, two houses down from Korina’s. With one arm out the window he taps the door, wondering how a man could do that.

A man should never hit a woman. Besides… why would he ever want to hit Korina. She is perfect.

He soon gives up on trying to understand Peyton’s logic. Protecting Korina is all he thinks of now.
Thoughts of him barging in and rescuing Korina play like a Soap Opera. Korina is a victim. His position as Deputy makes him feel he is obliged to do something. It is his duty.

Abram is in such deep thought that he doesn’t notice someone approaching his Lc.

"Hey Sheriff, whatcha doing?" A woman’s voice says, making Abram’s heart skip a beat.
He jolts turning his head to see who it is. The frail girl known as Korina stands outside the Deputy’s Lc. He stutters once he realizes it is her.
"Ya checking up on me? How nice?" She says with a smile.

"Yeah… something like that." Abram slowly responds getting out.

"Wow, you guys are soo nice around here. I forgot what that’s like… people caring about each other, like a true community." Korina rambles.
Abram intends to respond trying not to stare at Korina’s exercise like outfit. Her tight pants and tanktop is peppered with sweat.

"I went out for a run… ya know trying to keep my figure." She answers the un-asked question while wiping sweat from her face.
Abram awkwardly chuckles unsure what to say next. A painful silent moment makes things worse. He rubs the back of his neck, beginning to sweat himself.

"You work around here… I mean patrol… or..."
Before Abram can answer, she asks another question. "Hey, were you here earlier? I thought I saw an Lc like this parked here…"
"No… no of course not. We… really been busy with… other..." Abram stumbles with his heart beating. "I mean… I don’t want to disturb you… my shift is ending…"
She cuts him off again. "I’m burning up, it is way hotter in Red Hill than I remember. Wanna come in and get a drink?"

"Oh… nah, I couldn’t impose… wouldn’t want to make Peyton upset…"
He starts but Korina insist. "He’s off Colony. Come on in… just for a bit." She protests grabbing his arm. "You can catch me up with everything I missed in Red Hill."
Abram complies, nervously following her.


"So… what do you guys do for fun around here these days?" Korina says disappearing into the kitchen.
Abram glances around the house as if it were his first time being here. It seems the couple is still trying to settle in. The upscale living room is missing furniture; boxes sit alongside a single couch, small table and love seat.

"Ahh… not much. Go out to eat, hangout at Bars…" Abram answers wanting to sound like his life is cool and interesting.
Korina responds but Abram doesn’t hear it. He is excited to be actually hanging out with Korina. He tugs at his shirt; his uniform suddenly feels uncomfortable and stiff. He feels overdressed and out of place.

"...we used to go there a lot. Are the trails along the west wall still open?" Korina asks handing Abram a glass.
She smiles and is so calm around him, like they have known each other their whole lives. It puts him at ease.

"Yeah… people still go out there… I think… well, honestly I don’t know... my life is kinda boring."
"I doubt that. You’re a Sheriff, that’s gotta be cool. Breaking up bar fights, car chases and rescuing the ‘damsel in distress’." Korina says playfully acting, laying a hand on her forehead.
He laughs taking a seat across from her. He tells of his boring life and job, patrolling Highway 4c-11. However Korina finds it interesting.

Her real hair is dark brown and cut very low. She moves her bangs from her eyes as she takes a drink. The woman before her is almost completely different from her pictures. Her outfits are lavish, brightly colored accented with fake blood and weapons. In person she is calm, normal, almost bland. But that is not a bad thing to him, he prefers her this way.

"Oh… how did your photoshoot go?" He asks noticing a camera tri-pod leaning against the wall.
"Not too bad. We shot my Yoki outfit first, then my ‘Kav Na Rin’ outfit. It’s a big hit, but a pain. It’s a lot of leather and latex to put on." She says with a sigh.

Abram silently agrees, he sees her dress in that character. The all black suit has a tube-top like girdle and other lacy parts; it is one of Korina’s more sexy outfits.

"Oh... are you familiar with Mimic-Ko? Have you seen my work?"
Abram blushes again, not wanting to let on just how much he knows. "Sure… a little..."

Korina slightly frowns, disappointed. "Not a FlanGa fan huh?"
"Yeah I am. I mean… not a big fan but I… I used to love Galaxy Blade."
Her jaw drops. "Shut up! Are you for real?! I love Galaxy Blade."

She scurries from her seat to one of the nearby boxes. She pulls out some limited edition vid-discs.
"Guess who I ran into a couple of weeks ago? Tim Cue!" She says in an excited shriek.
Abram smiles knowing the Artist-Creator of Galaxy Blade. "That is swag. What’s he like?"

The two drift into a deep conversation having found something in common. Korina can have such liveliness to her, sharing her stories and the people she has met over the years. Abram soaks it all up, grateful for every moment. She makes him feel at home, making him loudly laugh as she jumps on the couch acting out scenes.

He notices almost two sides to her. When she talks of herself she has a calm demeanor, but when she talks of one of the outfits she wears, she gets into that character. She droops her shoulders when talking about the tomboyish high school student ‘Belle’ she played in Out of Place. Contrastingly, she tilts her head up, and pokes out her chest when she talks of her ‘Zea La’ outfit.

"Wow." Is all Abram says when Korina tries on a proto-type costume. ‘Veena Rex’ is a sultry warrior villainess from a FlanGa Abram is not familiar with, but he likes it. Korina takes a twirl in front of her guest.

"Trust me, it won't look so sexy when my skin is spray painted green."
Soon, night falls and Abram forces himself to leave. He doesn’t want to overstay his welcome. He is elated that he hasn’t embarrassed himself or said anything stupid. He wanted to make a great impression on her and so far it seems he has.

Abram walks towards the door. "This was a lot of fun... I didn’t think you would have been…this…"
"What… cool? What did you think… I was some stuck up bitch?" She playfully says getting defensive.

"No. That’s not it… I thought you wouldn’t be so… easy to talk to. You know how it is… celebrities are known for being… fake… or pompous… I mean Peyton…" He stumbles wanting to take back his words.

Korina nods her head in agreement. "I know… I met a lot of people like that in Cassiopeia. Primpy, rich girls with their plastic surgery. I’m not like that. Most of the time I feel out of place there, like I don’t belong. Peyton doesn’t help much…" She says lowering her head, the comment drips of loneliness. Her demeanor changes, the playful spark dies.

Abram notices her mood. "Well, I’m glad you’re not like them. You’re a lot of fun Korina."

"That’s my stage name… you can call me Alex. All my friends do." She says with a smile then reaches out to give Abram a hug.

He leaves in a splendid mood, having had a perfect night. His mind is wild with possibilities. Now, his life in Red Hill doesn’t seem so bad.
Published: 8/7/2015
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