Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 7

Abram and 'Alex' take their friendship to the next level.
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Abram starts his day off in Red Hill's small downtown area. An old thrift shop caught fire and he was one of many officials to respond. However, the excitement didn't last long, the fire department easily drowned out the small blaze.

Even though Abram got stuck with directing traffic, it didn't sour his mood. He is still in good spirits after yesterday's events. Hanging out with Alex was a blast. He is tickled at how fun she was.

After leaving downtown, he is almost eager to go on patrol. Like every Saturday, he only has a half-day of work. He makes his rounds then heads for Highway 4c-11. Once there, he parks pulling out his mobi. This time he wants to find out more on this 'Veena Rex' character Korina will dress as.

Winter Warz is a Flanga about lovers on opposite sides of two warring nations. 'Veena Rex' is a battle-hardened warrior princess that pilots a stylish mobile suit robot. Abram smiles thumbing through the pics.

She's gonna look great as Veena.

He feels special, having inside knowledge that no one else does. His imagination runs wild, feeling like he is at the beginning of a new relationship. As those thoughts cross his mind, he becomes conflicted.


He stood her up again last night. She hasn't text or called him today, which is not a good sign. He knows he is letting her down. The excitement he feels when he thinks of 'him and Korina' is equally matched by his guilt over Anna. It's not that he suddenly doesn't love her, he will always love Anna.

I'm not doing anything wrong with Korina... we are just friends.

A question has been lingering in the back of his mind; If he could be with Korina... would he? Would he leave Anna for the Mimic-ko model? He refrains from answering that question because he would hate himself for the choice he would make.
He gets out of his Lc, wanting to end the debate.

Me and Korina are just friends... nothing more. It's innocent. And that is true... but he knows Anna would still be hurt if she would find out. So for now she must not know.


Minutes later, Abram scrolls through Korina's personal social media page. He grins as he sees her latest post. Korina took a pic of herself out of costume. She also commented saying: I am totally loving it here in Red Hill, I've already made some swagg friends!

Abram pumps his fist knowing Korina is referring to him. He yells kicking the red dirt with a laugh. Being mentioned like that is a pleasant shock, furthering his affection for Korina.

Abram's study of all things Korina is disrupted when he sees someone approaching. Not many crop-units run on Saturdays, less than a dozen. Since the road is less crowded, he easily spots a bike-Lc. Abram is pleased to see it is a woman, the one he has been obsessing over.

"Hey Sheriff!!" Korina says approaching.
She pulls up her on a stylish bike-Lc. He is surprised to see her here.
"I wanted to see where you worked. This isn't that bad." She says a laugh.
She hops off her bike with a stretch of her arms. She tilts her head back basking in the arti-sunlight, taking it all in.

"This is nice." She mutters turning her attention to the crop-units.
She asks a dozen questions being fascinated by them. Abram laughs, barely able to keep up with her energy.

"Is anyone in those units? How much does each one weigh? Do they do this everyday?"
"No, they are fully automated. Wha... why all the questions? They are just big heaps of junk."
"It's not junk, it's cool. Isn't it amazing how gravel-ore collect sunlight, then converted to energy?" She says grabbing his hand.

She drags him towards the road; pointing and yelling like a kid full of hope and wonder. He follows slowly letting go. She makes him feel good, like he is the center of her universe.
A couple of strains of her hair fall across her face appearing almost exactly how she looks in his fantasies. Beautiful. He is wrapped up in the moment. He has said many times that Korina is perfect, but this moment solidifies that notion.

Korina and Abram sit on the hood of his Lc enjoying each other's company. They talk about anything and everything. She takes out her mobi and plays some music. Her favorite tunes are from small bands with an 'easygoing' sound, perfect for a lazy day in the sun. Korina even hops up for a dance, feeling comfortable with Abram. He can only smile, thinking he must be dreaming. Highway 4c-11 has never been this fun.


Time flies and the duo decide not to end the good day. After Abram returns his Lc to the department, they go back to Korina's house. Abram changes out of his stuffy uniform and into a spare change of clothes, allowing him to fully relax. Then the fun continues.

They talk as if they are best friends. Alex relates stories of red carpet events and hanging with famous people. Abram sits on the edge of his seat, hanging on her every word.

The afternoon drifts into night. Abram orders a pizza as Alex opens a bottle of beer.

"To my new dear... dear friend... Sheriff Abram." Alex toasts with a proud smile. Abram laughs as their glasses clink, starting a night that he will never forget.

Alex plugs up her gaming console, showing off some of her toys. They play a cartoony, survival-horror game as the drinks flow. The hours pass and Abram doesn't notice. He is having the time of his life. Being next to her is better than he imagined. She laughs while giving Abram a shove, sometimes resting a hand on his knee.

Once the games become boring, they play some more music. Alex smiles not knowing her new friend is falling for her.

She is soo perfect. He thinks staring at her. He studies her in a way, so much so that he could close his eyes and sketch a picture of her. The only thing he likes more than her smile is her laugh.

"You should totally do that. I mean... everyone could use a stable income." She says as she goes into the kitchen. Abram has been telling her of his career plans after he leaves the Sheriff's office.

"Yeah... I like being a deputy and all... but it's not me... or I don't know. There's good money in gravel-ore and I know those stupid crop-units like the back of my hand. So if I buy a unit, maybe..." Abram mutters tossing a bottle cap of his beer, thinking about his life and the few options he has.

"There's nothing wrong with being a ore-farmer... it's a simple, stress-free life. Now that's what I want... stress-free..." Alex says returning to the couch with a bag.

She opens up the pouch and pulls out a tiny straw. She places the straw by a plate, along with a clear bag stuffed with bright green pebbles. Abrams knows what the contents of the bag are. His heart races unsure of what to do.

Korina sniffs Dy-sticks?

"You want some?" Alex casually asks.
Abram refuses with a simple nod, not wanting to be 'uncool'. She takes out a couple of pebbles then crushes it with the butt of her cigarette lighter. Then she takes the straw and nimbly sniffs the green powder.

"Oh... sorry I should have asked... you being a Sheriff and all." She laughs picking her head up while wiping her nose.

Abram mutters a nervous response, assuring her that he doesn't judge people. Abram is no Saint or purely innocent, he tried drugs a couple of times but he was never into it. He is frozen, suddenly uncomfortable, disappointed in a way. His perfect image of Korina is being shattered.

"Yeah, you should change careers. Trust me... don't settle or let people tell you how you should be or what to do..." She quickly gets up, continuing their conversation as if nothing happened.

Abram takes another of couple swigs of his beer trying to hush his judgmental thoughts of her.
I'm sure she's not a junkie or anything like that. She must have a control of it. No one strung out on Dy-stick's looks as good as she does.


Alex turns up the music, bopping her head to a fast beat. She repeatedly tries to get Abram to dance, but he politely declines. He quietly sips his beer, still being uncomfortable but enjoying the view. He gets lost watching her sensually dance as the song changes to a slow tune. She sways her hips from side to side. She flings her head back and caressing her neck with one hand then tugs her loose tank top upwards. She smiles looking him in the eye, teasing him so much his heart races.

"Oh! I got an idea!!" She yelps abruptly stopping the dance.
She runs upstairs giving Abram a moment to regain himself. He takes a deep breath as his heart slows, wanting to remain cool and calm.

When Alex steps back downstairs she is clad in her 'Yuki' cheerleading outfit. She slowly walks towards him, her frilly short skirt tops off her long, smooth legs. The red and white crisscross pattern shirt is perfectly fitted to her frame, squeezing her upper torso.

Alex is gone; Korina has taken over and Korina uses every inch of her body for sex appeal. Long gloves cover her hands and forearms as she runs them through the glittery hair of her wig.

"Whoa." Is all he can say as she takes things further.
"Figure I slip into something more... exciting." She moves to the music, this time dancing extremely close to Abram.

She then shoves him backwards on the couch as she dips in front of him. She twirls, rubs, and grinds against the poor sap, unrelentingly teasing him. Korina can perfectly blend the looks of cute and innocent with sexy, even erotic. She leans in close to him, her nose teetering along his cheek. Her fingers crawl all over him. And when her nails inch towards his belt, he jolts upwards.

"You ok... sheriff." She laughs, drawing joy from his torture.
"Um... yeah... I... just... I..." He mumbles with a red face.

Before he can regain himself, she yanks him upwards. The song changes and she wants to dance with a partner. The innocent side takes over. She grabs his hands with a bounce, mouthing the words to the song. Abram plays along for the moment.

His heart is pounding, Calm yourself down Abram... calm down... Enjoy this!! You're hanging with Korina Emm... don't mess this up!! He tells himself trying to let go.

He soon gives in, wanting to keep up with Korina. She is now rambling something, the only words he can make out is 'best festival ever... this band was super swagg...'

He quiets his thoughts of unease when he notices how happy she is. For a moment, he thinks it is cute but the moment passes. Korina's hazel eyes start to glow with a dim neon tint, a side effect of sniffing Dy-sticks. The iris' of a person's eye glows green as the Dylithium hits the central nervous system.

And for the first time Korina is not attractive to him.

"What's wrong?" She asks noticing Abram's demeanor.
"Oh... um nothing... it's getting late... and maybe I..."
"No!" She yells grabbing his wrists. "You don't leave me!!" Her nails dig into his skin. Abram pulls his hand back with a disgusted look.

Korina notes his change in mood and quickly apologizes. "Aww Abram... you know I didn't mean that. It's just... we are having so much fun." She says stepping close to him.
She gently grabs his wrist trying to rub the scar away. She pulls his arm up to her face, looking sadly into his eyes.

She steps even closer to him, sliding her arms around his waist. "I like hanging with you... I just got a little nervous. I... just wanted you to like me... because... I like you." She whispers inches away from him.

Before he knows it, they kiss. He pulls back after a moment, making sure he is not dreaming. When she smiles, he quickly goes back in. The kiss lasts longer this time. She runs her hand over his neck and hair. Abram senses tingle, the moment being exactly what he always wanted. She moans a little before he feels a sharp pain.

Abram steps back grabbing his bottom lip. Did she... just bite me...?
Korina smiles with a sultry look, unashamed of what she did.

Abram's world is tumbling; he tries to say something but knows it's best that he leaves. He turns to grab his jacket but Korina contests. "What's wrong..."

He heads to the door. "Abram... please don't leave me. I am sorry... if I am a little rough... I thought you would like that. Please..."
Thought that's what I'd like? He pushes through the confusion and finally speaks up. "I wasn't here for that Alex, I'm not that kind of guy!"
"I know that now... it's just most guys... that's the only thing they want from me..."

Most guys... how many have you...
"You're a nice guy and that's rare... I don't find that often."
"I... Korina... I should have mentioned before... I have a...." she cuts him off leaning in again, this time hugging him.

She holds so tightly, nestling her head beneath his chin. She begins to cry. "I... just don't want to be alone... ok. I like you... I feel safe with you... don't leave me."

In this moment it all comes crashing back to him. The rumors of drug addiction, seeing her crying that day and the abuse, it all hits him. Abram had forgotten that, being wrapped up in her presence. Then something primal calls out to him. A deep need to help someone out, to help his friend, to protect an innocent woman. Alex needs protection... I need to... be here for her...

Every ounce of logic and better judgment quickly fade as Abram hugs her back.

He won't leave, he can't.
Published: 9/25/2015
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