Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 8

The next morning.
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Abrams head thumps in pain as he wakes up. He frowns with one eye open leaning upwards. The blinding sunlight makes the effects of his hangover worst. It takes almost a full minute before he remembers where he is and what happened the night before.

Abram is not in his bed. What am I doing? He thinks seeing Korina lying next to him.

The night’s events replay. Abram got caught up in Korina’s emotions; he feels that he couldn’t just leave her crying. He spent the rest of the night consoling her. Abram remembers holding her as she cried herself to sleep.

On one hand he feels he should've done more, or made a move. He has dreamed of being with Korina for weeks. He thinks of their kiss and how wonderful it was. Then that image fades as the real Korina or Alex showed through. She was a mess, frantic, aggressive, and rude; very unattractive to him.

Maybe it was the drugs or… maybe... that’s how she really is.

Abram sits up, moving to the edge of the bed. A dozen thoughts rush through his mind. At first he tries to defend Korina but it doesn’t last long. Seeing her like that last night changed how he feels about her.

She isn’t who I thought she was… This would kill Anna if she knew I was here….
He rubs his face overwhelmed by guilt. Stupid… stupid… why am I here… how could I do this to Anna?

He gets out of the bed, not wanting to stay another minute. He has put his real relationship with Anna at risk for a fake relationship with Korina. His better judgment finally kicks in, driving him to gather his things. He feels he must win Anna back.

"Hey sheriff…" Korina weakly says getting out of bed.
Her words freezes Abram, he stands with his stomach in knots. He almost cringes wondering how she is going to act. However she barely acts at all.

Korina yawns with a stretch then calmly walks to her closet. She rubs her eyes smearing the previous nights makeup. Then grabs a familiar large sweater, still fighting off the remnants of sleep. Korina throws it on not noticing Abram standing nearby. He waits for her to say something or to even acknowledge him. She does... neither.

Korina quietly walks to the kitchen. There, she grabs her pack of cigarettes then walks to the back porch with a confused Abram in toe.
"Korina…?" He begins, wanting her to respond.

This is her routine. He witnessed her smoking on the back porch in the morning hours when he ‘visited’ her last week. He glances at the lake, then to the house next door and the back patio area where he slept. This whole situation is very familiar. Back then; he wonders what it would be like standing here. Today, he knows and today he is let down.

Korina simply sits in her chair, ignoring him. He furrows his brow, stumbling to say something. Everything I’ve done... for you and you…

"What?" She finally says.
"Don’t you have… anything to say to me… I mean last night you were…"
"Oh, last night?" She squints trying to remember. "Oh… did we… ya know...?" She asks.

Abram scoffs at what she is implying. "No. I told you, I am not that kind of guy."
"Hmm…we didn’t? Well… you should have."
"What about you and Peyton?"
"Ahh… he’s cool. We have sort of an…open relationship kinda thing." She coldly waves.
"Ya know Abram… your kinda cute… in a frumpy, normal guy kinda way. Maybe we can hangout again, you can... show me those handcuffs." She laughs.

He steps back, being more confused than hurt at her words.
Korina callously stretches getting up. She steps towards the end of the porch. She looks at the water with a smile momentarily drifting away. Then turns back seeing Abram still standing there.

"What? I told ya we can hangout later… why are you still here?" She growls.
Excuse me?

The level of disrespect he feels is massive. He clinches his hands getting angry. "I thought we…"
"Wha… Oh… sheriff you didn’t… fall for me did you?" She asks in laughter.

Her laughs further his torment, driving a nail into his heart. Her head tips back in a fit of laughter. After a moment she tries to stop, covering her mouth. She looks at him again with a sad face taking pity on him. Korina glares at Abram as if she is looking at a small dog.

"Sorry Sheriff, Dy-sticks make me… you know…excited. I just wanted to party a little. I'm not looking for a star-crossed love affair… especially with a guy like… I mean could you imagine; me… ‘Korina Emm’ with a …. mud kicking Sheriff?" The entitled model says with a giggle.
She steps back to the left side of the porch, leaning on the rail. There, she remembers something.
"Wait a sec…" She pauses pointing at the neighbor’s house.

She looks at Abram, then back at the house. "It was you… you were over there weren’t you? I remember hearing something… over there the other morning. Then hearing a bike-Lc…" She says in more a question than a statement.

"Then that one day you were parked out front… it was you wasn’t it?" She points with a smile, feeling as if she solved a mystery.

Abram’s heart races knowing he is caught. His face becomes red. He shakes his head ‘no’, denying her claims as she laughs.

"Don’t worry sheriff…its cool. I would stalk me too…after all…I am a sexy beast." Korina says tilting her body, switching into her seductive persona.

She steps towards Abram.
"I am Zea-la… a sultry warrior princess. Also I am…Yuki a ‘kick ass’ cheerleader who isn’t ashamed to show my… young… ripe, hot… body." She says playfully running her fingers down his shirt.

Abram begins to drift back into her, getting caught up.
"Yuki is… sexually inexperienced…. and I am waiting for a big… strong man… to show me how to love. I’m waiting for you…my stalker Sheriff." Korina ends laughing, dropping the sexy act.

Abram pulls away, tired of being laughed at, tired of being toyed with. He leaves the porch, stomping away vowing to never return.

He has wasted far too much time on Korina Emm.
Published: 2/6/2016
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