Chasing Ms. Universe - Chapter 9

Abram rushes to win back his true love but can their relationships survive, despite what he has done?
Once again Abram finds himself camping outside the house of a young woman. The familiar cold night air puts a chill through his body. Abram's elbow careens off the armrest waking him from his sleep. It takes a moment for him to regain his thoughts, and when he does he remembers the guilt.

He uncomfortably sits in a thin lawn chair on the front porch of his girlfriend Anna's house. Although he is unsure if she still is his girlfriend. After coming to his senses yesterday morning, Abram left Korina's house, vowing to abandon his affection for her. He rushed to Anna's home, determined to make things right with her. Anna had already been upset with Abram, troubled over his sudden disappearance. But what he said made her distraught.

Abram told Anna everything.

He now questions if he did the right thing. He doesn't know why he did. He just felt he couldn't lie to her anymore. Abram told Anna about his sudden infatuation with everything Korina. And how he felt helpless. She was upset at first, her feelings of inadequacy pushed to the limit. She silently empathized with Abram, everyone wishes that they could meet a celebrity or model and becomes friends with one. She joked of a couple of star athletes that she would be tempted by.

All that changed when she asked ...did anything happen? It was a question that she didn't want to ask, fearing the answer. His response hurt her to the core.

We kissed... just once... It meant nothing... was the last words he said to Anna before she stormed off.

With hazy eyes he looks at the spot where Anna stood many hours ago. He knocks on the door repeatedly, begging for her to talk to him. He thought about leaving countless times, but ultimately decided to stay. He wants to remain right here on this porch until she talks to him. He wants her to know how sorry he is and how much Anna means to him.

Korina was a mistake... a fantasy... a dream that almost cost me everything.

Seeing Abram sitting on the cold wooden deck floor, Ms. Ortega brought him a chair and some food. 'She'll come around, she loves you too much. Just don't give up.' She had told him, giving him the strength to continue. He will sit on this porch for as long as it takes to get his girl back.


A couple of hours after sunrise, Abram stands with a groan. He nurses the kink in his neck, pondering his plans for today. Its Monday morning and he is already late for work. He contemplates what he will say when he calls in for work. Abruptly the front door opens. It is Anna. Abram holds back the urge to hug her, unsure what she is thinking. Anna avoids eye contact as she steps out on the porch.

"You stayed out here all night?" She asks after a long moment.
"Yeah. I didn't want to leave not knowing..." Is all he can muster to say.
"You could have caught a cold out here. You should have..." she trails off.

Anna is visibly stirred, her features reflecting the sleepless night before. The two stand in an awkward silence for a long moment. Abram's stomach turns in knots, knowing the pain that he caused the woman he loves. He never meant to hurt her. He wishes that he could just erase the events of this past week. He now realizes that all those petty things he griped about before weren't that big of a deal at all.

"I'm sorry. It meant nothing." He musters to say after a moment.
Anna looks at him almost as if she can read his mind. As if she can read his heart to know that he sincerely is sorry. She starts to smile, warming to him. She is not only touched, but flattered that he stayed outside her house all night. She finds that admirable.

In a way Anna is unable to stay mad at Abram. She loves him just as much as he does her. Anna wants nothing more than to run into his arms, but the hurt of his confession rears up again.

"So why did you do it?" She says on the verge of tears stepping off the porch.
Anna defiantly tries to remain strong, turning her hurt into anger. She doesn't want to be some gullible, feeble girl so desperate to have a man that she turns a blind eye to his faults.

"Why are you even here? Why would you possibly want me over that celebrity model?" She angrily mutters, unknowingly thinking aloud.

Abram runs after her, not wanting things to get any worst than it already is. "Because you are a celebrity superstar to me!" He responds grabbing Anna by the arm.

"Anna... nothing has changed. I still feel the same way today as I did a month ago. Korina hasn't changed that. It's just... I got caught up in the moment...I felt like a big shot."

He huffs taking a moment to gather his thoughts.
"But I'm not a big shot... not without my lady. I'm a Deputy from Red Hill, I don't want some fake glamorous Hollywood life. I like my life here, because you are here. Anna... you're the best thing to ever happen to me. And I don't want to ever end what we got."

Anna heart pounds, her emotions washing away the anger. This is the only ting she has ever wanted to hear from him. When her eyes water she drops her head a brief moment before Abram hugs her. They embrace silently rekindling their relationship.

The two happily kiss, having a nice moment until Ms. Ortega squeals. The mood is broken as Anna's mom and sister approvingly jeer from the porch, happily cheering for the couple's reunion. Abram laughs being embarrassed, but only for a moment. He is glad to be back in familiar settings.

Glad to be back with his real love.


More to come...
Published: 2/12/2016
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