Chasing Ms. Universe - Prologue

Abram is a small town guy that is conflicted with wanting more out of his life. His harmless crush on a Mimic-ko model turns obsessive and it jeopardizes everything he has built. He will find out if 'the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence'.
Highway 4-c11 is a boring, flat four mile stretch of road heading to the outer walls. Driving down this 'out of date' red clayish trail is painfully dull. Only mechanized Crop-units use this road, hovering up and down day in and day out.

'EC-03-Skyland Venti' or better known as 'Red Hill' is the only colony to still use moonite gravel ore. The ore collect sunlight, storing energy, in turn each Crop-unit harvests the desert ore-gravel plains along the southern wall. The ore is shipped out for multiple uses. All the other colonies use fusion cells, or dylithium solar panels for energy. But not Red Hill, this place is a 'blast format he past'.

Abram a Deputy Sheriff of this Colony's Sheriff's department, which is a dying branch of the Federal County Enforcement Division. His red dirt caked boots tap on the side of his Squad-Lc as he looks up at the dome. One good thing about this rackety colony is that it is the closest to Earth. He squints at the blue marble size planet, having no emotional connection to it. No one has been there for over ninety years.

The arti-sun shines bright this time of day. At one time Abram swore to return to the planet like some valiant pioneer. But those dreams died before middle school. Abram knows he is stuck in the Sheriff's department, like his dad. Stuck, watching over these large, slow, hovering crop units. Stuck calling the farmers when the units breakdown in a cloud of smoke. He isn't mad about his lot in life, neither is he excited. He is just plain ol Abram Garnett.

His squad-Lc is parked along the Highway at his favorite spot. He can sit here, under at the stars and indulge in his new favorite pastime. He opens his mobi clearing recent messages and checking missed calls. The background image on his device diverts his attention. It's his favorite picture of a smiling young lady, but he forces himself to look away.

He cuts off his mobi, trying to think about something else. He scratches his head, frustrated. Then picks up the comms receiver, unraveling the spiral like cord. He taps his fingers on the cpu dash panel, doing anything to take his mind off her. He mumbles words to a song. A song that was sung by the girl that he has become infatuated with. Abram sighs giving in. He grabs his mobi staring at the desktop picture of this girl.

In this picture, Korina Emm has dyed her hair hazel, with golden flakes for a small role she played in a Veevo show. The show was a flop, not lasting one season. It was a bad remake of the same old college kids drama everyone in the twelve colonies have seen a thousand times. Korina was the quiet best friend, draped in modest attire and glasses while her counterpart walked tall, in skimpy outfits, being the main attraction. Abram thought different. He didn't like the show, wasn't really impressed with Korina either. But he was always attracted to her.

To say Abram is a fan of Korina isn't accurate. He doesn't know what it is about Korina, he just cannot stop looking at her.

Sometimes he feels he is in love with her. But he scoffs at that notion; he doesn't know her, not well anyway. Korina grew up here on this colony when she was young. But that was a long time ago. She is a different person now.

He scrolls down a list of pictures that she posted to a fan page. It's a virtual closet of images. Some of the images are of her laughing, joking with friends. Some are 'behind the scenes' flicks of photo-shoots. Some images are provocative, some innocent, some fuzzy, some high-res.

Abram hasn't visited this page in a couple of hours, only clicking it to see if she uploaded something new. She didn't. So for now he just scrolls.

He scrolls past the images of her with exposed bellies or cleavage. He likes those pics but he likes the simple ones more. The ones of her hanging out in her house, or her getting ready for a show. Not the fake pink wigs, or golden extensions, crazy costumes with her chest poking out.

He finds one.

She is in a simple pencil skirt and a flowy shirt. Her hands are upright with her hips tilted ever so slightly. Her exposed slender neck and clavicle accent her natural bust. Korina is naturally beautiful, flawed but beautiful.

Abram smiles a little, imaging himself being there with her. Telling her something funny to make her laugh. A loud bang jolts him.

A boom is followed by a long screech which makes Abram hop out of his squad-Lc. A cropper unit tilts backwards in a cloud of smoke, having blown a gasket-rod. It breaks down in the middle of the south bound traffic, blocking the other Crop-units. He huffs with a shake of his head, his heart thumping, irritated at the false alarm. He sits back in the squad-Lc and radio's base.

This is a repeat of last week and it is a precursor to what will happen next week.

Dispatch calls back 'Abram... the farmer wants to see if you could fix it. If not, could you toe the unit out of the road.'
"Arrgh I hate my life." he mutters, not answering.

Once he deals with the unit, its back to his Lc. He sits, calming his mind. A moment passes and another internal battle begins.
He knows his mobi is in the passenger seat. He knows her image is on there, waiting for him. Waiting for him to talk to her, to hold her... kiss her.
He also knows this is childish. He has looked at her pics a dozen times today. 'She's pretty... but not that pretty.' he tells himself.

He grabs the mobi, trying to prove himself wrong. But the proof is there, she is gorgeous. He falls for her all over again.


This is my first time at writing a love(ish) type story. Let me know how it's going so far.
Published: 5/25/2015
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