List of Cheap Full Coverage Dental Insurances

An affordable and cheap full coverage dental insurance comes as a big respite for your huge dental bills. Here, I list three of the popular and cheap dental insurances to help you select one as per your requirements and convenience.
Nowadays, taking up a dental insurance has become a necessity due to expensive dental bills, and to maintain the health of your gums and teeth. Dental care forms an important part of our oral hygiene, and without a dental insurance, we are often tempted to skip routine cleaning and checkups. And skipping these checkups could lead to serious problems related to dental health in the future. While many might argue, that it is better not to take an expensive dental insurance and it's cheaper to pay on your own. But you can never predict the future! What if your kid has a fall and chips his or her front tooth or needs a brace? What if you suddenly get a toothache? Are you prepared for these situations? Wouldn't it be better to have an insurance that covers your dental implants, your child's braces? So it is always better to be rather safe than sorry while paying the huge dental bills?

We often have these misconceptions that full coverage dental insurances are expensive, but it may not necessarily be so. The term full coverage is also often misunderstood. It does not mean a total or a no holds barred coverage for all your dental treatments. It means an agreement between you and your insurance to cover the types of treatment, which in turn decides your premium. So depending on your treatment choice, there are several cheap full coverage dental insurance plans. There are also many other types of dental health insurances which vary according to choice of providers, deductible amount, co-pays and choice of treatment.

Cheap Full Coverage Dental Insurance and Discounted Dental Plan: Differences

There is a debate whether a cheap full coverage dental insurance is better than discounted dental health plan. In a discounted dental insurance plan, you are required to enter a membership with the plan and avail discounts from the member dentists. You do not have the choice of going to a dentist for treatment, other than the ones that are registered with the plan, but have the advantage as your payment amount will not determine the extent of discount. Whereas, a full coverage dental insurance is similar to any standard of the health insurance plans, where you need to pay the premiums on a monthly basis and the insurance is renewed every policy year. Full coverage, as the name suggests, does not necessarily cover all the treatments, but most full coverage plans covers all routine treatments like cleaning, yearly X-rays and all other basic preventive dental treatments. In full coverage insurance, you have the advantage of visiting any dentist and a dental hygienist of your choice. The insurance in turn pays your bill in full or partly, and the remaining amount need to be paid in the form of deductible and co-pay once you receive the explanation of benefit.

List of Cheap Full Coverage Dental Insurances

Though there are many discounted cheap individual dental insurance and plans, it is difficult to find a cheap full coverage dental insurance that meets your need. Aetna Dental Access Patriot Plan UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan are some popular and cheap discounted dental health plans. Whenever you narrow down your choice, it is always good to take the best three insurances of your choice and research on it to make the final selection. These are the three best rated and cheap full coverage dental insurance:

MetLife Dental Insurance
This is very popular among those looking for cheap dental coverage, but with a recognized and reliable company. They offer both HMO and PPO options for customers, though the HMO option is available only in the states of Florida, Texas and California.

Guardian Dental Insurance
They offer the best budget friendly dental insurance options that are especially designed for families. They mostly deal with two types of dental coverage, the basic and the other comprehensive which also covers cosmetic procedures. Their two basic and cheap dental coverage plans are DentalGuard Basic and DentalGuard Basic Plus.

Aetna Dental Insurance
Aetna offers the most wide variety of insurance plans among all dental insurance companies with regards to cheap full coverage dental insurance. Aetna plans are mostly designed for large organizations, families and individuals.

So to determine which is the best as well as cheap full coverage dental insurance for you, it is important to determine your needs first. Understanding the level of care you need and the major dental problems that you face would be the best way to determine the most suitable dental insurance for you.
By Tarali Kafaie
Published: 11/17/2010
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