Cheapest Nintendo Wii Console

If you are looking for the cheapest Nintendo Wii console, then you have come to the right place. The following write-up will provide you with the very information that will lead you to getting your favorite console at the cheapest possible price...
With gaming emerging as the most popular form of entertainment, especially among the youngsters, getting a gaming console is a must for any household. While there are many options to choose from, the Nintendo Wii, thanks to its motion gaming, is the most popular of the lot. Unfortunately, the cheapest Wii console will cost you about 400 dollars. While there are ways you can get a console cheaper, you should be aware that it entails a little more work, research and time.

Nintendo Wii Console

Nintendo Wii is a seventh generation video game console which was launched by Nintendo Co., Ltd. based in Kyoto, Japan, in 2006. Since its launch, 73.97 million units of Wii have been sold all over the world. Its direct competitors are Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. At 1.73 x 6.18 x 8.48 inches, Wii is Nintendo's smallest gaming console. As far as connectivity is concerned, Wii is armed with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 2 × USB 2.0. The Wii Remote and WiiConnect24 are two of the most amazing features of this video game console. While the former acts as an hand held pointing device, the latter facilitates receiving of messages and updates over the Internet. It is best selling games as of now are Wii Sports and Wii Play.

Buying Cheapest Nintendo Wii Console

With all these features to its credit, there would be hardly anybody out there who would not want to own a Nintendo video game console. The only factor which could act as a deterrent in your bid to buy this console would be its price. However, there do exist a few ways by which you can get this console for a relatively low price. For those of you with time on their hands, here are some ways for to get that cheapest Wii console in your home.

Online Auction Websites: The world of Internet is abuzz with online shopping websites which sell everything, including such gaming consoles. Some of the most popular names when it comes to Internet shopping are eBay, Amazon, etc. If you intend to buy this console from some online auction website, you need to make a note of the fact that the best price will differ from one website to another, and therefore, it is wise to do some research before you go ahead with the deal.

Electronic Shops Offering Discounts: You should also try all those electronic stores which have stock clearance sale or anniversary sale, as the chances of you coming across a cheap Nintendo Wii console for sale in such stores are pretty bright. And in worst case scenario even if you don't come across any cheap Wii console in such stores, you may at least get some of the best Wii games absolutely free with the normally priced console.

Used Gaming Consoles: This is again one of the simplest method by which you can own a Nintendo console without making a hole in your pocket. You just need to spread the word that you are looking out for a used Wii console, and you will come to know if anybody around you intends to sell his old unit. Being used would invariably means that you will get it at a relatively low price.

Nintendo Wii Console Bundles: Nintendo Wii bundle is a package which includes the console as well as various Wii games. Buying the two together would help you save a decent amount of money which you would otherwise spend on these games.

Though the above ways will ensure that you get the cheapest console, you will have to be careful when purchasing the same. The chances of these online auction sites and dealers selling you a compromised unit or at the very least a refurbished one. Make sure that you check out the place from where you are buying this console thoroughly before going ahead with the purchase.
By Abhijit Naik
Published: 8/27/2010
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