Check History on Computer

The following article deals with information on how to check history on computer. The information needed to check deleted history on computer too is presented in the article.
It is important to check computer history in order to keep an eye on the Internet usage patterns of children at home. Checking the history on computer is also important from the point of view of monitoring the behavior of employees at work. One can also keep the system/network free of any kind of program which could prove to be harmful. Let us find some useful information on this topic.

Check History on Computer

To check the history on a computer, one could make use of the techniques and methods given below. One should first go to the control panel and click on the 'Start' button to check the computer viewer history. The 'Administrative Tools' option should be clicked to find a link that points to the 'Event Viewer' program. One can view the 'Event log' by selecting any of the following options: Security, Application, System, Microsoft Office Diagnostics, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Sessions. Technical information related to computer usage is displayed if any of these options is double-clicked.

It is necessary for parents to check the Internet usage pattern of children. Checking the computer history helps keep an eye on their computer usage. One should disable the auto-delete feature so that kids are not able to delete the history.

How to Check Computer History
Computer history for different browsers can be checked with the help of instructions given in the following paragraphs. The information required to check Internet history on computer (with respect to 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Internet Explorer') is presented below.

Internet Explorer History
To check the computer history of Internet usage with this browser ('IE 6' to be specific), one should click on the 'Sundial' icon; upon doing this, the history get displayed on a sidebar. The sections like 'Today', 'Last Week' and 'Last Month' are used to separately present the Internet usage pattern periodically. In the 'IE 7' version of this browser, one has to click on the 'Bookmark Star' tab. On clicking this tab, a pop-up window is displayed; it contains a down arrow that is positioned next to the 'History' tab. The 'By Date' option retrieves results that are sorted by date. On clicking a particular date, websites visited that day get displayed.

Mozilla Firefox History
When you open the Mozilla Firefox browser, the option, 'History' can be seen on the text menu bar. On clicking the 'History' option, a list of websites viewed through this browser is displayed. Clicking on the 'Views' tab displays various options. One can use these options to change the manner in which data is presented on the screen.

Check Deleted History on Computer
Software such as 'Undelete Plus' can be used to check deleted history on the computer. Files that have been removed from the DOS window, Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer and from a network drive can be retrieved with the help of this software. Those files which have been accidentally deleted can also be retrieved quickly. The 'temporary internet files' folder stores copies of various files including those of images. Even if the history is deleted, one can still find enough information about files viewed on the computer in question.

The instructions to check history on computer presented in the article above, should provide enough information on the process of retrieving files.
By Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: 9/27/2011
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