Interesting Cheerleading Chants

Performing cheers and chants, before and during the match, are a great way to motivate the team as well as add to the excitement of the crowd. Read on for some interesting cheerleading cheers and chants...
Cheerleading today has become as popular as the sport itself! All major world tournaments, be it for football or cricket, seem incomplete without some good looking, energetic and fit cheerleaders entertaining the crowd, with their moves! So, for all those who are really enthusiastic about being a cheerleader and are preparing for cheerleading tryouts at school or even those who are already one and are looking for some unique cheers and chants for a forthcoming game, given below are some of the most interesting ones.

General Cheers and Chants for Cheerleaders

We don't need no music
We don't need no bands
All we need is warrior fans
Rockin' in the stands!

To be an Eagle (team name),
You have to move.
To be an Eagle (team name),
You got to grove.
You never can be a mighty Eagle (team name),
'Cause you can't do what we do.
Say what? Say what?
Can't do what we do!

Our team is red hot,
Our team is red hot,
Our team is red hot,
Our team is r-e-d h-o-t.
Once we start, we can't be stopped!
Let's go, let's go!

We're #1, we're not #2.
We're gonna beat the socks off of you!

Let's go (pause pause)
Let's go, chip in, it's time to cheer,
It's simple, yell what you hear,
Go Warriors (team name) go,
Go Warriors (team name) go,
Fire up and scream,
WPS(school initials)go team,
WPS go team, WPS go team!

Hey wildcats (opponent team's name)
Were back to attack
Well show no slack
Prepared to fight
With all our might
Maroon and white (school colors)
We've just begun
Our excellence will be known
Our perfection will show
Accelerate, non-stop
Well give it all we got
So wildcats (opponent team name) stand clear
Well show no fear!

Cheers and Chants for Football

(Rotating between stomps and claps)
F - double o - t - b - a - double l
Football, football,
Let's go (team name)

You may be good at basketball
You may be good at track
But when it comes to football,
You better watch you back!

What's the matter with the other team?
Nothing at all
They just can't play football!

let's score
defense, do it right
hold that line
fight, fight
win, this game
let's do it
get to it!
let's score
offense , give more
to the zone
team, (pause)
score (pause)
defense, get ready
school / mascot name
team lets fight
defense, hold them
hold that line
defense do it
hold that line!

Cheers and Chants with Motions

Work It, W-H-S let's work it
(clap, clap, clap, clap clap)
Work it (clap) woo!
Presidents (your team name), you know how we do,
get off your seats and work it through!
Work it, hey
work it, hey (repeat 1x)
W-H-S let's work it (clap)!

Get down, get funky, get loose
and shake your caboose!
Now start with the feet
Go feet 2, 3, 4
Go knees 2, 3, 4
Go hips 2, 3, 4
Go shoulders 2, 3, 4
Go head 2, 3, 4
Get down, get funky, get loose
and shake your caboose!

Got that rhythm feeling fine
Let your body rock (snap snap)
Let your feet keep time (stomp stomp stomp)

Cheer with the bears (clap,clap)
Cheer with the beat (clap,clap)
Cheer with the bears (clap,clap)
And get up off your seat (Slap Butt)
Once you get that feeling and your fingers start to (Jump back slapping your thigh)
POP (snap while saying "pop")
Cheer with the bears (clap,clap)
Until you can't be (look back bring hand with you)
Stopped! (hold your hand in "Stop sign")

Here's hoping that you found these cheerleading cheers and chants useful and at the same time, unique. So, the next time you are out there dancing on them, do so with a lot of passion and gusto. And, you will see the same enthusiasm passing on to the crowd and your team as well!
By Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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