Childhood Declaration

What is childhood? Inspired by Rory Clark.
Defining childhood is like trying to describe yellow to a blind man,
You cannot meaningfully define it, even if you think you can.
This is because 'childhood' differs for different societies,
There are mixture of factors, just like yellow's properties.
Political, social, cultural, and economical factors, for example,
Contribute to the idea of childhood and that's just a sample.

Victorian child, Japanese child, refugee child, they're all different,
With distinct childhoods and lifestyles that they culturally represent.
Therefore, you should note that childhood is a social construction,
For a long time, childhood and adulthood had no distinction.
In less privileged countries, children take on an adult's responsibility,
Many Brazilian street children fend for themselves through hostility.

For most people, children are associated with the term 'innocence',
Yet media can alter society's perception, resulting in difference.
So what is a child? People prefer to define them by their ages,
Others view children as incomplete in their developmental stages.

In UK, children are held criminally responsible at age ten,
Spain punishes them at age sixteen - what does that mean then?
Does it mean that children are what society believes them to be?
Does it mean that childhood ideologies can change for you and me?
One thing is crystal clear among these questions and observations,
It appears that children are regulated by the adults - that's my declaration.
Published: 9/18/2018
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