Children's Poems

If only childhood would last forever and life would give us a chance to go back to those days again, all of us would have wished for this at least once in our adult lives. Oh, the joys and fantasies of our young minds, when nothing seemed impossible or could be maligned by reality! Relive your childhood, to a certain extent, through these poems and try to touch the past if only for a fleeting moment.
Childhood Declaration
What is childhood? Inspired by Rory Clark.
Meaning of a Poem
A short poem/guide to get beginners involved with poetry... as I really think that poetry is important. I guess it can also be said as an indirect way to communicate on a controversial/normal topic.
Chirpy Birds
This poem is like a puzzle on birds describing the common features among them. Well, it is a short poem but for me at least a nice one.
The Turtle I Knew
Just a little poem I would like to share with you people. The poem is about a turtle who used to live near my house... But after some days the turtle disappeared, I didn't know what happened to it.
The Dark Figure I Saw
Walking by me... my shadow. Please comment and enjoy!
4 a.m. thoughts that wake me up.
What begins as an illusion, results in revolution.
Ascend Into The Light
This poem is based loosely on the sad story of little Lucy Keyes.
A Horse with No Name
This is a poem that I would like to make into a children's book.
The Crazy Farm
Sometimes you just need to let your imagination loose and see how far your mind can wander! The crazy farm, a fantasy poem for children is written just for fun and will give you a giggle!
They are God sent goodies :)
Hush Little Baby - MY Version
This is 'Hush little baby' , but I didn't know the actual words, so I made up my own :) don't judge .
I Love My Child
This is a satire about pregnant smokers. After reading this I hope you take into consideration the risks of smoking while carrying a child.
Billy Boy
Are innocence as a child gives us hallow memories of the past. But can that can child innocence make us desire the past even more.
caN I Be wiTh yOU?
A child's longing to be ...........
To My Child
I like this poem…hope you all like it too
Poverty's Progeny
Narration of a sad child........
Those Hidden Tears
Of girl child's parents.
Trouble And Tether
When the child outgrows the protecting shield of parents...
Mother's Tears
Child grows big and ....
Martian Child
Have you ever felt like you don't fit in? Like you're from a different planet? That's how I feel. In my family of five I'm the Martian child. This kind of explains how I feel...
When children don't care, will home remain a home?
The Legacy
I was never taught about this as a child.
Papa, why you left me alone....
Papa, I am still ten years old child...