Chimera - Chapter 5 (Part 1)

A train of negative thoughts...
On the following Sunday, Sally was having dinner with her parents, when they brought up the topic of school.

"So are you excited about tomorrow... your first day at school?"

"Well, a bit nervous." Replied Sally.

"But you told me that a friend of yours is in the same school, so isn't it great... you'll already know someone there." Said her mom trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah but... I don't know. It's not necessary that he'll be having the same schedule as me and we'll have the same classes, subjects... you know."

"Yeah, but at least you won't feel all lost up."

"Hmm." Sally sighed.

"But Sally... you haven't really introduced us to him." Her father asked.

"To whom?"

"Aaron, of course."

"Why do you wanna meet him?"

"Well, there are many reasons..." her father said slowly, "but mine is that, he's our neighbor!"

"Really dad?" Sally said faking an expression of surprise.

Her father nodded.

"Anyway... he's a bit busy and shy, so he's not really up for family things and it's not like he's been a really close friend, I mean who knows he might just end up ignoring me in school!"

"Now Sally, please don't be such a pessimist." Her mother complained.

"Oh, really," Sally snapped. "I am sorry but I forgot to borrow your rose-colored glasses to look at this world."

"Sally not again." Her father warned her.

"Fine!" Sally ducked her head and finished her food... quietly!

At night when Sally reclined to her bed, she felt butterflies in her stomach. All kinds of thoughts came to her mind. She thought about the possibility of meeting different kinds of people... mostly mean and bad and the professors, and how is she going to deal with the pressure of studying because she'll have a lot to catch up. And then she thought about Aaron... what if he ignores her... what if he's considered a cool guy with lots of friends and he makes fun of her... what if...

And this train of questions went on and on ending at the most negative thought... why didn't Aaron come to meet her that evening when she asked her mom to tell him to do so, did he really not like the idea of them being in the same school? The thought that this could possibly be true broke Sally's heart and with a dull ache, she finally slept to let the night pass.
Published: 7/10/2015
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