Chimera - Chapter 6

A bad day...
Sally entered her classroom full of students of her age. Everyone was busy doing something or the other and nobody noticed her. She took a deep breath and took a seat in the corner of the classroom. As soon as she settled down, everybody started glaring at her, which made her all the more nervous. She dipped her head and started fidgeting with her bag, pretending to look for a book. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't help but listen to their whispers.

"Is she the new girl?"

"Look at her hair..."

"She looks Southern..."

"No, she must be from New York..."

"What's her name?"

"How's did she join midterm?"

Sally tried to control her anxiety and took deep breaths and tried to focus her attention to her bag. When suddenly, she noticed a blonde girl come towards her. The blonde sat herself on Sally's desk and crossed her legs, then she arched her perfectly shaped eyebrows and said, "You must be the new girl."

Sally simply nodded, too afraid to look up.

"Hi, I am Sarah and you are?"

"Sally," she said softly.

"Nice to meet you Sally," Sarah said as she extend her hand towards her.

Sally took her hand, only to realize that she had some sticky residue glued onto her palm. She looked at the black substance stuck to her palm and then back at Sarah; who was shooting glares at her with a smirk on her face. The rest of the class was thrown into a fit of laughter and nobody showed an ounce sympathy or kindness for Sally.

Tears threatened to spill out, as Sally's anger grew. She fought the urge to land a blow at Sarah's face but instead, she got up and left the classroom. Sally walked fast through the corridor, as she tried to avoid occasional glances and comments, when suddenly she bumped into someone.

"Am sorry," she murmured and without looking at the person, as she tried to walk away. When suddenly the person stopped her and turned her to face him.

Sally was further more annoyed by this and was about to curse at him, when she saw who the person was.

Aaron looked at her with utter confusion written all over his face. Sally gulped down the bile that had formed in her throat and suddenly broke out into tears. Aaron held her hand tightly and led her towards the vacant basketball court.

"Sally, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Aaron asked as he tried to calm her down.

Sally was unable to speak through her sobs, so she decided to show him instead. She quickly unfolded her hand that was curled up into a fist for so long that her palm was red with marks of her nails engraved in it. But what mattered more, was the humiliating black substance smeared across it.

"What is this? Who did it? Sally answer me," Aaron asked hastily.

"There's this girl in my class, S-SS-Sarah... sh-she..." Sally broke down into a fresh sob.

"Hey, calm down. I know that girl. She's always been the mean kind. But don't worry, I've got your back, okay?"

"But she..."

"No she won't do it again, I promise."

"But, how will you stop her?"

"You don't need to worry about that."

"You're not gonna do anything mean to her, are you?"

"No... Am not like that. But, I'm definitely gonna tell her to stay out of your way and you don't need to worry about me, okay?"

"Okay!" Sally smiled a little and thanked God for having Aaron on her side.


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Published: 7/27/2015
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