Chimera - Chapter 8

Camp time!!
At home, when Sally's mother was serving dinner, she decided to talk to her parents about the camp.

"Umm... dad?" Sally began nervously.
" Yes." Her dad replied while fidgeting with his food.
"Actually our school is organizing a camp and I was thinking if I could... you know go there?"
"Well, I think it's a great idea. I don't have any problem, you must go and I don't think your mother's gonna have any problem either." Her father said looking at her mother who smiled and nodded in approval.
"Yes, in fact I think it's a great way to socialize as well." Her mother said and after a brief pause continued. "Bit Sally is any of your friend going as well?"
"Yes, Aaron."
"Oh that's great... then there's no problem at all, just give us the form and we'll sign it."

"By the way, when are you guys leaving?" Her father asked.
"Probably this weekend and it will last for 5 days."
"Ohh... short trip."
"Hmm... yeah!"
"Anyway, you just go and have fun, okay?"
Sally nodded.
"And one more thing... tomorrow we're going shopping!" Her mother announced.
"But why?" Sally asked in confusion.
"Of course you'll need some new clothes and utilities for the camp, won't you?"
"I have enough clothes already, I don't need anymore... so we can skip the shopping part."
"Umm... okay as you wish."


The next day Sally waited for Aaron under the tree so she could give him the good news. After a few minutes Aaron came smiling towards her with a lunch tray in hand.

"Hello Sally... good news?" Aaron said as he sat down next to her.
"Ummm... guess?"
"You're coming, aren't you?"
"What if am not?"
"Am not going as well then!"
"Okay... then..."

"Let's go together." Sally beamed as she waved the form in front of him.
"Wow! I knew you would go. We'll have so much fun together... you have no idea."
"Yes... we'll have fun!"
"Okay, here." Aaron handed his form to Sally. "Take my form and submit it along with yours."
"But why aren't you submitting it yourself?"
"I have my practice after lunch so I won't be able to come, anyway you give it... they won't say anything and then I'll meet you when the school gets over?"
"Okay... done."
"Fine I'll go then and you finish your lunch, okay?"
"Fine, see you then."
"Byeeee." He said while waving his hand and then went away.


Author's Note

Any hints about what is coming ahead??
Published: 8/31/2015
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