Chinua Achebe

In memory of the great Professor Chinua Achebe; a prominent literary writer who is known for his works, especially in African literature, nationally and internationally. Sleep on while your works speak on.
Undistinguished opium of words,
Undetermined by stories the world affords;
Encapsulated with vigorous facts,
And embedded with outstanding impacts.

Famished though his society may appear,
He never forsook that literary spear;
Never for once thought of despair;
He, really, is one to fear.

A father of millions,
Transcending literary lovers in billions;
An exceptional coach in the literary world;
An embodiment that excellence has curled.

Oh a mighty venom in my spine!
A sting in this flesh of mine!
Haven outpoured its best,
That craving head is left to rest.

Who now will adopt your powerful rod?
Published: 4/12/2013
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