It's Christmas Again

Finally, I've wrote something for Christmas. Enjoy my poem and Merry Christmas! Poet's Note: If you can give me ten seconds, kindly share this to your family, friends, colleagues, or strangers if you please. Once again, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To my readers out there, I love you all!
It's Christmas again,
A time to celebrate,
To give and receive,
These gifts filled with joy.

Under this tree decorated by me,
I await Santa Claus,
The shining yellow star,
Is a symbol of unity in my whole family.

It's the birthday of the Lord!
We praise and thank you!
For all these blessings that I can't count,
Still, you forgive me with every sin I commit.

Family gathering around this table,
To talk, to eat, to have a good time!
Have a good laugh, to spend the day or night,
With family or friends, co-workers or strangers.

The table served with food,
Ham, cheese, it's all delicious!
"Ice cream and bread? Sure! I'll try one!"
Said my uncle, who found it quite cold (laughs).

Christmas is not an occasion,
Of giving and receiving gifts,
"It's better to give than to receive," they say,
I will try to count my blessings, once again.
Published: 12/23/2010
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