Christmas Poems

The festival of gifts and gifting, Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Share the joy of the festival and spread the Christmas cheer with these poems that talk about Yuletide spirit.
A Simple Wish
My warmest holiday wishes for all iBuzzle readers!
Merry Christmas... My Arse!
It's a little bit early, I know, but I'm sure most of us have shared a similar experience. A little bit of fun for the upcoming festivities.
A Date With Death
A little ghostly tale for Christmas.
A frosty tale for Christmas.
Gilbert of Calderwood
A short ballad done in the tradition of a 'ghost story for Christmas'.
Cute poem I wrote to go along with 'Springtime'.
Christmas Spirit
A Christmas message.
It's Christmas Again
Finally, I've wrote something for Christmas. Enjoy my poem and Merry Christmas! Poet's Note: If you can give me ten seconds, kindly share this to your family, friends, colleagues, or strangers if you please. Once again, I wish you...
Merry Christmas
Hope this Christmas brings you joy.
My Last Christmas Wish!
A Christmas Wish
I wrote it... Lost it... Found it... Decided to publish it. It's about Christmas.
Yuletide Bliss
The spirit of Christmas is more than the exchange of gifts and greetings. The example of the Superstar is to be lived in deed and not simply preached off the pulpits. He was born that we may live.
Christmas Cheer
There comes a time when you hate all others
"What Does It Mean?"
Alone at Christmas...
Along Related Lines