Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini, the young writer who has churned out novels like Eragon and Eldest. Let us get to know more about him.
Christopher Paolini rose to fame with his Inheritance trilogy. The first book of the series Eragon, that was written as a hobby at the tender age of 15, turned into a novel that people all over the world appreciated. Eragon is the story of a poor farm boy, who finds a blue stone, that he thinks will buy his family food and the change that takes over his life thereafter.

Christopher Paolini then released his second novel, Eldest. Well-written and described, this novel took readers deeper into the world of imagination, fantasy, magic, dragons, dwarfs and elves, leaving them yearning for more. Readers all over the world are waiting for the release of his last novel that will bring an end to the Inheritance trilogy series. The question on everyone's mind is-Will Saphira and Eragon be able to fight the evil forces? Will Roran and Eragon meet? Whom can Eragon trust? A movie and a game have already been based on Eragon...Let us wait and see what's next!

Born on November 17, 1983 in South California, Christopher Paolini spent the beginning years of his life in Anchorage, Alaska. The family then moved to Paradise Valley, Montana where he lives even today. A voracious reader, he spent a lot of time in the library reading his favorite books and a host of others. In an attempt to put his thoughts into words, he wrote poems and short stories.

Home-schooled by his parents, he graduated with a high school diploma at the age of 15. As his parents felt that he was too young for college, he sat at home and began work on his now best-selling novels, Eragon and Eldest.

The beautiful surroundings of Paradise Valley helped the writer create the perfect setting for the novel. Christopher began writing the novel for himself; he never thought that he would release it for the world to read. It all started one fine day, first in a notebook, as he felt that the story flowed better when he did that! Once he had completed 60 pages, he gained confidence and thought of transferring it to his computer. Christopher has drawn inspiration for the character, Angela the herbalist, from his sister who is also known by the same name!

A year was how long it took him to write the first draft of Eragon. He took another year to revise the book, after which he gave it to his parents to read. The third year was spent designing the cover, editing and creating marketing material. Christopher utilized this time to draw the map and the dragon eye for his first novel, Eragon. Once all this was done, the Paolini family sent the manuscript to the press.

The next year was spent promoting the book. It began with talks at the local library and high school, which later turned into traveling across the U.S. Christopher gave most of his presentations, which were held at bookstores, schools and libraries wearing a medieval costume, which comprised a red shirt, billowy black pants, lace-up boots and a jaunty black cap. Christopher caught the attention of his publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, in the summer of 2002. He is now busy working on his third novel, which we hopes to release soon.

When all the work is done and he has completed the Inheritance trilogy, Christopher plans to go on a long vacation in order to think about the story he would like to work on next.
By Rachna Gupta
Published: 9/26/2007
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