Ciao Amore Mio

My bae left for another country. I can't help but miss him. I wrote this short poem, specially for him. Love you Bonnie.
I should have stood at the airport,
Waving till the plane disappeared into the blue skies,
But how could I have stood there watching you depart,
When you weren't here to wipe my tears?

I haven’t known peace since you left,
How could I when my peace lay within your presence?
Who is going to kindle my spirit,
When everything else makes no sense.

Honey, when you are gone,
Please remember the people you’ve left back home,
Don’t let our memories slip,
Every night when you go to sleep.

I’ll wave at all the passing airplanes,
And send them to bring you my love,
Promise me when you’re back, you won’t leave,
But for now mon cheri, ADIOS!!!
Published: 12/13/2017
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