Civilians in War

Perspective: The one that becomes lost in the sea of a thousand of words in the media. We barely hear what goes on in the minds of those who are neutral, civilian, caught in between the mayhem of a war started by others. While those who suffer the most, are those who had no choice.
We never asked for this,
We never wanted anything to do with this...
We never cared about our religion this much to start this,
We didn't even care enough about our politics,
But until this day,
All we wanted was for peace and happiness for our children.

How can this happen?
Why now?
Who knows what to do, I don't know,
It's unnatural, unnecessary.

Lives wasting, day by day,
As we hide away, anywhere that is somewhere distance,
But where can we go,
Will anyway take us for refugees,
Does anyone else care about us,
This wasn't supposed to happen,
We never asked for it,
Published: 1/5/2017
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