Cleaning Coffee Pot Stains

Regular methods for cleaning a coffee pot are not sufficient to get rid of tough stains. Effective ways of cleaning coffee pot stains can be done by using baking soda mixture, dilute vinegar solution or crushed ice. Read on to know more.
Making coffee or any other hot beverage on a stained pot imparts a different muddy or bitter taste to the resulting hot drink. In case, you are a regular coffee drinker and brew coffee on an everyday basis, you may be well acquainted with coffee pot stains that develops after constant brewing. With accumulated coffee oils, impurities and hard water scales, these stains are usually tough and do not go away with regular cleaning methods. The solution is to use scouring ingredients to remove coffee pot stains.

How to Clean Coffee Pot Stains?

Mention cleaning coffee maker stains and the first thing that comes to our mind is using vinegar. Indeed using it is so common that most people can't think of cleaning coffee pot without vinegar. Well! This is not the case, as there are other natural ways to get rid of stains developed in coffee makers. Following are some of the effective methods for cleaning coffee pot stains, which you can try out.

With Baking Soda
Be it cleaning stains from cloth fabric or coffee maker, baking soda is an ideal choice. However, do not add baking powder directly into the coffee maker or else, it may cause clogging. What you can do is dissolve baking soda in water completely, soak a clean wash cloth in it and use the cloth for wiping out coffee stains. Scrub the cloth over the tough coffee stains, until the pot is clean. This method may need a little effort, but it will surely give you good results.

With Vinegar
Cleaning coffee pot with white vinegar is ideal for those drip filter units. First, prepare a dilute solution of white vinegar by mixing 1 part of it with 2 parts water. In case of very tough stains, you may require to make a slightly concentrated solution with two parts each of vinegar and water. Place the filter in the filter basket and pour the vinegar solution in the pot. Put on the coffee maker for some time. Following this, discard the filter and vinegar solution. When the pot cools down, rinse it. If stains still persist, repeat the same procedure again and rinse thoroughly to expel vinegar smell.

With Crushed Ice
This is probably the cheapest natural method to remove stains from coffee maker. In the coffee pot, add 2 cups of crushed ice, wedges of 2 fresh lemons and 2 teaspoons salt. Swirl the pot several times in clockwise and anticlockwise direction, for about 1 - 2 minutes. Over here, the lemon and salt help in removing the stains. Rinse with cold water and see whether the stains are cleaned or not. If not, follow the same steps of cleaning and this time, allow the mixture to stand for a longer time. Rinse well to flush salt and lemon from the coffee pot.

Once the inside stains are removed, proceed for cleaning the outer side of the pot. Regular cleaning of the coffee pot with correct methods will not only yield a fabulous tasting coffee, but it will also increase the durability of the unit. With such easy methods of cleaning coffee pot stains, I hope you will not feel reluctant to clean coffee maker after every few weeks.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Published: 3/16/2010
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