Nature's lavish beauty can't be named better...!
Wow!!! You are a sensuous woman!
To your wildness, prey is every man!
Snowy or milky, you are whiter than white!
The occasional rainbows turn you hot.

It is amazing to see you fall from the rock,
You hit down and we get a powerful shock?!
The mist around you seems like a cloud,
And you look a maid in snow-white shroud!

To touch you, most visitors try their best,
But the spray from your flow wets them till the vest,
The gutsy wind plays the spoil sport,
With you, none are permitted to court?

From the steep stony edge you hit the gorge very hard,
Frightened are your admirers behind the rods of guard,
Your foamy milky flow looks gorgeous just after sunset,
Illuminated in various shades, you seem to be a celestial treat!

Between two beautiful countries shared are you?!
Looking best from one of them, how could you?
Let the world call you queen of falls, "Niagara"?
Enchanted by you, shall I call you Cleopatra?!
Published: 6/4/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats