Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Six

Sias closed his eyes and her face came to his mind. Those wild green eyes full of intelligence and loyalty. Her long brown locks with the tips scarlet red; they looked so soft from a distance and he found himself wanting to run his hands through them.
Genevieve held her breath, keeping still, he walked closer towards her. His eyes narrowed.
"Lee get out of there!" Sias snapped, his voice low and threatening, causing Genevieve to stay perfectly still. A low chuckle came from behind her and a young boy with blonde hair and murky brown eyes, freckles all along his cheeks stepped out of the closet. He looked around to Genevieve.
"I tried so hard this time!" Lee complained, puffing his cheeks out in disappointment. "Why can't I beat you?"
Sias sighed, rubbing his forehead in exhaustion. "Because you're a novice and you're breathing way too damn loud!"

Lee's bottom lip trembled slightly, forcing Sias to walk past Genevieve and pat the young boy's head. As he walked past though, Genevieve panicked slightly at the thought of him brushing her shoulder with his, but it never came.
"You'll get the hang of it, heck even I had trouble keeping my breathing quiet." Sias told him and Lee's face brightened.
"You bet."
Genevieve watched the scene and a warm feeling sprouted from her chest throughout her whole body. She felt her stomach turn to acid at the idea of bringing her with him, but her objective was clear in her head.
'Master wants him, this is for Victoria,' she reminded herself but her body wouldn't move. It wouldn't move on her command. 'Am I broken?'
"Are you planning again?" Lee asked Sias excitedly, breaking Genevieve out of her train of thought.
Sias moved back to the desk and sighed tiredly. "Yeah, a way not to encounter that damn girl."

"Beth told me that you're obsessed with her," Lee said, jumping onto Sias' bed with a bounce and sat down.
Sias frowned and glanced at him. "Who? Beth?"
Lee shook his head; his feet dangling off the edge. "That pretty lady from the palace."
Sias' face turned bright red, his cheeks changing color as he let out an awkward cough.
"I ain't obsessed with her! She's just... uh... a problem I need to deal with." Sias objected, shaking his head in disbelief. "Damn Beth, running her mouth off again."
Lee tilted his head to the side in confusion. Sias just sighed and ruffled the young boy's hair, earning a yelp of complaining from Lee.

"Women are complicated, let me tell you now." Sias informed him and Lee stuck his tongue out in a gesture of sick.
"They have cooties too!"
Sias chuckled briefly as Genevieve lightly stepped away; the urge to disappear from this touching scene filled her body. Her mind was still screaming at her to fulfill her objective but something was blocking her limbs from performing it.
'I am broken; I cannot complete it,' Genevieve worried as she stood against the door. As she reached behind her for the doorknob, Sias suddenly looked over at her, his eyes on alert.
"Stay behind me Lee." Sias whispered so lowly that only the intended listener should hear but Genevieve could hear it as if he were whispering it to her.
Sias grabbed the knife and unsheathed it, pointing it at Genevieve. His eyes were cold and deadly, like a predator.

"Show yourself!" He ordered, taking a few steps closer towards Genevieve.
'I can't take him on; revealing will endanger everyone else,' Genevieve's mind told her but her fingers started shakily pulling off the mask until it was removed altogether.
Sias' eyes widened in shock that he dropped the knife.
Genevieve stared at him, frightened on the inside of what will become of her, now that he knows who she is.
"Isn't that the lady you met at the mar-" Lee was cut off by Sias slapping a hand over the young boy's mouth.

"What are you doing here?" He spat. "I thought you were a fool but to sneak in an assassin's guild? That is just beyond the definition of fool!"
Genevieve said nothing, turning her eyes to the floor and awaiting her fate.
Long moments passed, with no one moving or speaking.
"Get out."
Genevieve's head snapped up as she stared at him in surprise, shock and most of all: Wonder.
"Are you deaf or dumb?" He snapped and she flinched slightly before reaching the doorknob. Suddenly he was behind her, his body heat radiating into her back.
"Keep your head down and follow me," he whispered very quietly and she nodded. He stepped in front and opened the door, glancing down both sides of the hallway before walking. Genevieve threw on the mask before following him down the stairs, back out the way she came in.

Every once in a while, he turned back to see if she was following him, listening in on her feather-light footsteps. When he sensed she was nearby, he led her back out of the hole through the kitchen wall, scanning and keeping guard in case anyone decided to get a midnight snack.
He jumped into the whole, lighting up a match as she came in behind. Sias quietly closed the cupboard doors and squinted, trying to find signs of Genevieve. He almost swore when he felt a light tap on his right shoulder, signaling she was indeed still following.

"Who are you anyway?" Sias asked as they walked down the long passage, following the path that led to no traps or poisons being released.
"Why do you ask?" Genevieve asked him, curious as to know why he wished to know her name. In the torchlight, a small blush had crept onto his face as he cleared his throat.
"Are you gonna tell me or not!" He snapped and Genevieve giggled quietly to herself.
"I am called Genevieve," she answered and he glanced over his shoulder, thinking she was on that side.
"That's it? Just... Genevieve?" He asked and she smiled.

"What am I? A fool perhaps?"
A chuckle escaped from Sias' lips as they finally reached the entrance. He pushed it open, waiting for her to pass. He heard footsteps and felt her shoulder brush past his. He knew she was out as he saw her shadow in the moon's light.
"Stay away from here if you're not an idiot." Sias warned, looking up and hoping it was her eyes he was staring at. He couldn't tell a damn thing with her whole body being invisible.
"Why did you not kill me?" She asked in a hushed tone as he began to turn away. He closed one of the wooden doors and reached for the other, thinking hard about his next choice of words.
"I don't know," he finally answered and closed the door firmly, ending their conversation.


Genevieve waited patiently as Lucian smoked his cigar, the cogs turning in his mind of the next course of action to take. She had told him what happened but left out the fact that she couldn't bring Sias here. Something had stopped her arms.

"Then we wait for them to strike again, this time the string should point to the owner," he sighed as Victoria and Albert joined them downstairs, both looking fresh.
"Master, when will my sensors return?" Genevieve asked him and he shrugged his shoulders.
"As soon as Victoria steps out of the front door," he answered, not really caring at this point. He was disappointed that she had failed to bring the assassin but didn't blame her. It was his fault for not being specific with the spell.
Victoria's face hardened. "Then we best be going," she muttered, walking past as Albert looked at her sadly. Lucian had stood up and accompanied her to the door while Genevieve stepped back.
"I worry for her." Albert sighed, watching them. "The pressure of the situation in parliament has her walking on a tightrope."
Genevieve didn't say anything as she led Albert to the door and out of the manor.


Lenora noticed the sudden change in Genevieve as they sat on the bed, her hands braiding Genevieve's long hair. It was late into the evening, the stars far high into the black sky.
"Genny, are you feeling alright?" Lenora asked, tying the braid back with a black lace ribbon. Genevieve glanced over her shoulder, seeing the worried look in Lenora's eyes.
"I... I am not sure." Genevieve admitted quietly, looking down at the floor in shame. The bed shifted upwards and Lenora appeared in front of Genevieve, placing her hands over hers. After a shaky breath, Genevieve looked at the maid.
"I was unable to capture the assassin," she said softly, ashamed of the action even now.
Lenora frowned. "Yeah I heard, you couldn't track him down."
Genevieve shook her head. "I did."
"Then why did you say you couldn't capture him?"
"I was unable to."

Lenora shook her head, frowning deeply in confusion. "Now you've lost me."
Genevieve stood up abruptly, walking over to the window and pressing her palm against the cold glass. She stared out into the distance.
"I found him..." She broke off, suddenly nervous. "...But ...I was unable to capture him. My mind ordered me to fulfill my objective but my body... wouldn't move."
Lenora was silent, processing the revelation. Agonizing minutes passed by, neither of them saying anything as the tension in the room hit a new high. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Lenora spoke words that shocked Genevieve to her core.

"You love him."
Genevieve frowned, turning to look at her personal maid who, in turn, was watching Genevieve carefully. Genevieve's mind searched for the answer to the word but nothing came up.
"What is 'love'?" Genevieve asked and Lenora sighed, rubbing her arm as she tried to figure out a way to describe it. Lenora was well-aware of Genevieve's... condition, so trying to explain to a clockwork what love was... seemed a little embarrassing.

"Love is when you really care for someone, more than yourself." Lenora said slowly. "You would do everything and anything in your power to protect them, it's the emotion that makes us human."
Genevieve frowned deeply, staring at the floor. "Does that mean I am becoming human?"
Lenora shook her head then stopped, nodding, shaking her head and then finally shrugging her shoulders.
"Maybe, you were brought to life by Archangel Michael."
Genevieve turned back to stare out of the window, her mind processing the information. She didn't know what to make of it, whether or not she should inform Lucian about this problem or not.


Sias stared at the ceiling.
His back was against the mildly comfortable excuse for a bed, his head resting on the pillow. His mind was in tatters, his emotions running amok.
'What is happening to me? I am London's greatest assassin!' He thought angrily to himself. All of his life, ever since he was orphaned at the age of seven, he's fought and killed many people in the name of the Order. Nothing has ever stood in his way before, nothing!

So why was she?
The girl from the ball, the one with skills that far surpassed his own, who continued to fight and defend the Queen.
The girl from the market, whose innocence made him want to chain her to his side so he would protect her from the cruel world.
Sias closed his eyes and her face came to his mind. Those wild green eyes full of intelligence and loyalty. Her long brown locks with the tips scarlet red; they looked so soft from a distance and he found himself wanting to run his hands through them.
"Genevieve." Sias murmured to himself, opening his eyes as Beth walked in, uninvited. "Ever heard of this wonderful device called knocking?"

Beth ignored his sarcasm and stood at the end of the bed, her hands on her hips and her blonde hair in its usual wild curls. "You should be working on a plan, not lazing around like an oaf!"
"Thank you Beth, you sure know how to warm someone up." Sias said, sarcasm dripping out of his voice as she glared at him. "I have a plan and it is already in motion."
Beth narrowed her eyes in disbelief before walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Sias shook his head at her outburst and resumed staring at the ceiling.


Theodore sat on the scarlet armchair in his chambers, the fireplace lit with a warm fire. His eyes skimmed the words on the page but he found himself unable to concentrate.
Finally, he gave up and sat the book down on the small round table. He stood up, walking over to the window and gazing out at the night sky. The matter pressing on his mind was the situation in parliament.
'It seems the situation is getting out of hand, with the increasing worry for Her Majesty's safety,' Theodore thought deeply before a small smile crept onto his face. 'I am positive Genevieve can keep her safe well enough.'
But just as the thought passed his mind, he frowned deeply as he realized something else.
'Who would protect Genevieve?'


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Published: 3/11/2013
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