Clockwork of The Angels - Prologue

During the Victorian era, plots to kill Queen Victoria have caused the birth of Genevieve Archer, the first clockwork human. It's Genevieve's job to protect Victoria but can she protect herself when two guys fancy her?
Lucian lazed back on the velvet couch and watched Victoria laugh at something Albert said. He twiddled the cigar in between his thumb and forefinger while studying the couple.

As if sensing his eyes, Victoria glanced away from Albert and at her childhood friend. His unnatural green eyes seemed sad for some reason, whether due to the current situation in parliament or…
"Lucian, is something the matter?" Victoria asked and Lucian flashed her one of his toothy grins.

"Now why would something be of the matter, dear Vicky?" He asked in formal tone while using the childish nickname he gave her when they were children.
Victoria gave him a displeased look. "I am not a child Lucian."
Lucian’s grin grew. "Oh, I’m well aware of that."
Victoria blushed while Lucian threw his head back and roared in laughter. The drawing room became loud with his joy and amusement while Albert sighed tiredly.

"Really Lucian, you could be mature for once, could you not?" Albert asked the raven-haired man. Lucian stopped laughing and went back to twiddling the cigar in his fingers.
"I could." Lucian answered but then tilted his head sideways while giving the couple an innocent, five-year-old face. "But that’s no fun."

"Not everything has to be a joke!" Albert snapped and Victoria flinched before looking at her husband worriedly.
To see Prince Albert snap like that was a sight worth seeing. One Lucian would never forget.
"When it involves me, it does." Lucian pointed out and Victoria threw him a warning look.

"Don’t start." Victoria warned, her authority clear as day. She looked back and forth between the two men, making sure they knew who the queen was.
Both men fell silent and Victoria began to relax once more. Of course, this peace wouldn’t last long.
"Sorry to hurt your feelings Ally but you should really look into anger management." Lucian happily suggested and Albert snapped.

"That is it! Get him out!" Albert shouted in fury, standing up and stormed over towards Lucian who was calm.
Just as Albert raised his fist, Lucian noticed a red dot appear on Victoria’s head. In that split second, as if time had slowed down, Lucian dodged Albert’s attack and ran towards Victoria.

She was startled as Lucian pushed her down, this causing the whole couch to fall backwards and her head landed on the floor as a shot crashed through the window. The glass shattered into tiny pieces as Lucian held Victoria tighter and closer to his chest.

Albert swore as guards burst through the door and secured the area. Slowly Lucian rose and helped Victoria up to her feet.
"Are you alright?" Lucian asked, his playful nature gone and Victoria nodded, catching herself.
"Y-Yes I should think so," she stammered and reached for Albert automatically as Albert cradled her to his chest.

Lucian looked away and lit another cigar while the guards tried to restore order and a few went after the gunman. Lucian noticed a figure, a man in black hood standing in a tree with a sniper in his hands.

Of course no one else could see this but Lucian was an exception to the human anatomy. The figure disappeared into the distance while Lucian continued to watch him.
'Only assassins carry that sort of equipment' Lucian thought and breathed out, the smoke from the cigar appeared. What do assassins want with Victoria?

Lucian glanced at Victoria who was still being soothed like a child from a nightmare by Albert. Albert looked at Lucian from over Victoria’s head and gave him a nod.
No one would be able to tell that, only moments before the said person was about to hit Lucian. That was before the woman they both cared about was in danger.
'They’ll be back' the thought occurred to Lucian as he stamped the cigar on the floor and headed for the door.

"Lucian! How many times have I told you not to stamp your cigars on the carpet?!" Victoria’s voice rang out sharply and he just waved goodbye as he kept walking.
"I get a freebie today," he called back as he tucked his hand in his front pockets of his black coat jacket. As he reached the front door, the maid handed him his black top hat and his cane with a silver phoenix at the top.

"Tell Her Majesty that I will be unavailable for the next couple of days." Lucian instructed the young maid who nodded and curtseyed.
"At once my lord," she said as he descended the front stairs and climbed into the carriage.
"Thomas, to the lab at once." Lucian ordered and the elderly carriage driver nodded.
"Yes sir" Thomas answered and the carriage was soon moving. Night soon fell when the carriage arrived at the Archer estate and Lucian went straight to work.
He placed a ‘Do Not Disturb: Unless Emergency’ sign at outside the door to his lab. This experiment, this project was too valuable to be disturbed by anyone.
Grabbing the designs, building the metal work, making sure all the cogs and wires worked.

Lucian had finished the frame, a body shaped as a human female laid on the table as he grabbed his cane. Pointing it to the metal heart beneath the rib cage, he summoned the contract.
"Oh great angel of protection, defender to the human race. I call upon your divine power in the name of Lucian Maxwell Archer. Through the gates of the Celestials I open thee." Lucian called and the phoenix had lit up in a golden light.

The whole room filled with golden warm light and a figure appeared amongst the light. A man, with long brown hair and ocean blue eyes, wearing nothing but white pants floated above the body using the ten angels' wings stuck to his back.
"Lucian, what do you summon me here for?" Michael asked, his deep voice echoing through the room.

"I need you to fill this machine with energy." Lucian answered. "She will become Victoria’s bodyguard as you angels are keen in keeping her alive."
Michael said nothing as he placed a hand over the metal heart and the golden light danced along the edges of the frame and wires. Slowly, pale human skin manifested itself underneath the light. Breasts filled themselves, curved hips as well along with long dark brown hair with scarlet red tips. Finger nails and toes appeared along with emerald green eyes with long black eye lashes.

When the transformation was done, there on the table, laid a naked sixteen-year-old. There was a small heart shape over her chest that resembled a birthmark and Michael withdrew his hand away.

In a heartbeat, the eyes fluttered open and blinked, taking in the surroundings.
Michael looked at the young girl and then back at Lucian. "Do you require anything else?"
"Yes, how do you raise a teenager?"
Michael just disappeared as Lucian sighed and watched the girl sit up, wiggling her toes and looking at her fingers in amazement.

"You’ll be called Genevieve," Lucian paused, "Genevieve Archer".
Genevieve studied the man with interest before slowly getting off the table and walking towards Lucian with steady, graceful movements.
Lucian nodded in approval, "You’ll protect her."


Sorry for not posting in a while. On another note, I've just finished the book 'Salem' and I'm sending it to a publisher (hence my lack of posting) and will be working on some other stuff.
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Published: 11/6/2012
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