Closing My Eyes

Time wasted on nothing but tears.
After all these years, I thought I was ready
After all this time I spent in silence
All the time I spent preparing for this moment
I never prepared for this
You never gave me any warning
I was not ready for when you strike
I couldn’t hold in all this pain

All I could do was cry and hide myself from the world
Such sweet death was such a tempting seductive taste
To be able to kiss such sweet sorrow
All the steps and my eternal torment could finally end
I could final close this chapter
Close my eyes and watch the curtain fall

Sign off my life with a bloody kiss
Yes it would be so easy just to drop everything and walk away
I could walk away and never look back
I can’t smile anymore nor pretend to be happy
All this time I have been lying
My dear Danny if I did not have you I would close my eyes
I don’t dare die for I would feel guilty for leaving you
Published: 3/1/2011
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