Clouds in Heaven

The deep, gloomy thoughts of loss upon a broken relationship.
If there are clouds in Heaven,
They must be filled with rain,
And the angels must be playing,
A dirge to ease the pain,
For down here on the surface,
There's a deluge of tears,
For a broken heart, a mourning soul,
And a passed on love affair.

Can she remember back to yesterday?
It seems so long ago,
To a time when she still loved me,
A time, I'm sure she knows.
She can't erase the history,
With a simple wave of her hand,
And although she walked away from me,
I'm sure I wander through her mind.

I know I should erase her,
Evict her from my thoughts,
But that deed's easier said than done,
For it would leave me with naught,
So I'll hang on a little longer,
It's funny how those words...
Hang and knot... how good they sound,
An invite to the absurd.

I never did believe in ghosts,
But now I'm not so sure,
Her love that haunts my memory,
Has me curled up on the floor,
I fear I can't move forward,
From a haunted past that lingers,
It's captured in the photograph,
That's held between my fingers.

It seems the clouds in Heaven,
Have blown up a tempest,
To blast a cold wind through my soul,
And lay my heart to rest,
For nor could I ever love again,
When the one I loved has gone,
I shall leave my spirit here to haunt her,
And let the angels take me home!
Published: 7/13/2012
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