Clover Tattoo Designs

Clover tattoo designs are fast gaining popularity in the world of tattoos. These tattoos made their entry into the world of tattoos from Ireland. We will now see, what are the various designs you can use to make clover tattoos...
Clover tattoos are popularly known as 'Shamrock' tattoos. These designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs from Ireland. Often times it is also referred to as 'lucky clover'. Clover is seen as a symbol, that stands for the luck of the Irish. Clover designs make for a perfect symbol of the unique and beloved cultural identity.

Clover Tattoo Meaning

Clovers were grown in ancient Ireland by the Druids. This plant was treasured, as it has resemblance to the Celtic triple spiral image. With passage of time, it was also adopted into Christianity as well, because it is said that Saint Patrick, made use of the clover to explain the Holy Trinity, where there is three representations of one God. It is due to this belief, that clovers have also become a religious symbol.

In the initial days, it was the three leaf clover, that was prized and important. However, the druids and Celts soon realized, how rare a four leaf clover is and it was looked upon as a protection charm against hostile spirits. This belief has been carried forward and four leaf clovers are considered lucky and it has also extended to the tattoo designs as well.

Clover Tattoo Designs

The most popular clover tattoos for girls and guys are the 'cartoonish', bright, bold green clover. Although, this design is appealing to some people, it may not be appealing to the masses. There are many different designs of clover tattoos. The most popular are the Celtic and tribal clover tattoo designs. The Celtic clover tattoos are filled in with classic triple spiral or Celtic knotwork. The other alternative to design a shamrock in Celtic tattoo designs is to form the center of a Celtic cross with clover design or any other design can also be used to fill it in. You can choose to get clover tattoo made from a color range of solid green and plain to sporting more complex shading and texture with various adornments such as the Irish flag, crown or even a white dove.

Different tribal tattoo designs can also be combined with the clover designs as well. However, if you are fond of colorful tattoos, then this may not be the appropriate tattoo design for you. Flower tattoos can also be seen encircling four leaf clover tattoos. It adds some color and different dynamics to the tattoo design. The other alternative is to feature ribbons or sashes that encircle the clover and give the clover tattoo a different grandeur and make them regal in appearance. Since clover tattoos symbolize luck, the word 'luck' can also be engraved either above or below the clover using different styles and scripts.

If you are proud of your heritage, but would not like to flaunt it, you need not worry. They are subtle, yet are recognizable. Since they are normally small in size, they are versatile and also easy to wear. They can be made on almost any part of the body. You will notice, that clover tattoos are made on the ankle (being the most popular spot for a Shamrock tattoo), shoulder, lower back, wrist or also on the foot.

When you decide to get yourself one of the numerous clover designs you may want to remember one thing, that normally one leaf of the four leaves of a clover is shorter, than the other three. Incorporating this small detail in your clover tattoos will lend it a more original touch.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 5/12/2010
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