Club Dance Moves

Nervous about going out to a club tonight with your friends? Perhaps the reason behind could be that you're shy on the dance floor. Take some simple tips from us and ease down the dance floor and sizzle everyone in sight.
I am pretty much going to dedicate this entire article to men because there's a common misconception about men and dancing. Men can dance and they're pretty good at it too. I guess they just won't come out of their shell because they are a bit timid. But I'm here to tell you boys that you all have been gifted with the "art of flow" in your bodies which should be released from time to time. Now, the most important thing you can do before you get on the dance floor and dazzle everyone with your amazing dancing abilities, is to soak in the dance floor.

There are no basic club moves that can be taught in a day or so. But there are some tips and tricks to learning fabulous club dance steps. The best time to jump on the dance floor (don't jump, it's only a figure of speech) is when your favorite song is on. That way you know what the song is all about and can manipulate the moves easily. You need to have a good time while dancing because that's the only way you can bring your true self out and not embarrass yourself. You don't have to be flexible, know how to move your hips, be ambidextrous, and/or musically gifted. On the contrary, you don't even need to be something that you're not. All you have to do is become a sport and be open about doing the dance moves. Get your dancing shoes on because it's about time you went inside the dance floor, rather than being a silent spectator.

Getting Comfortable on the Dance Floor

To learn specific dance moves, it all depends on what kind of club you're going to that night. There are clubs that play different types of music each night. The most common club moves found today in the nightclubs are dancehall, hip hop, bhangra, house, salsa, mambo, swing, tango, hustle, and many more. Of course, there are many other moves that are popular these days and clubs dedicate an entire night on them. Here are some steps you can follow if and when in doubt.

You're at the club, you have a drink in your hand, and you realize that a girl has caught your eye. If you wish to dance with her, first of all, make sure she doesn't have a boyfriend and be on the lookout if anyone else has shown interest in her besides you. You ask her if she is willing to dance with you; if she replies with a "no", apologize and move on. But she says "yes", you leave all your uneasiness and awkwardness outside the dance floor and take her by the hand towards it. Take a deep breath and let's take a look at some easy moves that you can practice while you're at the club.
  • Relax. You have a drink inside you and the girl is ready to dance with you. Just take in your surroundings and watch what other people are doing.
  • The music and it's tempo will decide exactly how you will be dancing with your partner. Is it an up-beat, funky music, or more like groovy, 70's kind of song? If you really can't understand what you should be doing, imitate others around you.
  • Feel the beat and find your own rhythm. Do a little head bobbing, move your shoulders, and let your body start to sway.
  • While you're trying to find your own style and do the moves, pay attention to your partner as well. How you hold her will depend on the type of music and club you're at. Again, check your surroundings and see how other couples are dancing. Don't overstep your boundaries as this is the first time the two of you will be dancing and you don't want to scare her away. Give her some room to show her style and attitude on the dance floor as well.
  • Smile at your partner as you're getting more comfortable around her and with the ideas of you dancing with the girl. This will ensure her that you are interested in her. Just do some basic moves as you sway like stepping out on your left with your left foot and bring it back together. Do the same on the right side with your right foot and bring the foot back together. Repeat on both the sides, front, and also diagonally.
  • Relax your arms and upper body, and try not to flail them around aimlessly. Let it follow the rhythm as well.
Tips to Avoid Dance Floor Blunders

Some guys get frightened just by the thought of dancing with a girl. The music is loud, you'll be "grooving" in a tight space, and basically, no one knows the person dancing next to them. All these elements can work against you and ruin your chances of getting a girl to dance with you. But all this can be warded off if you follow the tips mentioned below.
  • Don't invade anyone else's dance area no matter what happens. This is dance ethics 101 which needs to be followed at all times.
  • Don't drink too much. You need to stay sane and alert as it might be your first time on the dance floor.
  • Don't stare too much at the floor or become too stiff. Don't do the soul train routine unless and until the occasion calls for it.
  • Don't keep jumping around as if "Jump Around" song is on. You're there to make an impression on your partner and not the entire club.
Now that you are a bit comfortable dancing in a club, you can improve yourself by getting some videos to pick up the specific moves. Or better yet, why not join a class where they can teach you all the different club moves and styles. There's one more thing you can do (my brother used to do it), put your headphones on, turn up the music, and dance around the house. You won't feel self-conscious as you're dancing and can goof up as many times as you want before perfecting the moves.
By Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: 9/30/2011
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