Dedicated to all the children of hoarders.
Seeing you keepin' all the pieces everyday,
Fillin' my mind everyday with clutter,
No, it won't go away,
The anxiety you've given me to this day.

Why, why won't you let them go?
Haven't you experienced them, no?
It's sad to know that you'll soon go,
Though, what has it all fo' sho'?
Rather than the time spent with us,
Your money spent on things for us.

Tears in my eyes,
Thinkin' that love lies,
In the things that you've given us,
Yet everyone dies,
Knowing the time's gone,
And soon you'll be no more.

I just want to experience once more,
The good times spent,
The time you lent,
Makin' memories again.
Are/Is your parent(s)/a hoarder(s)?
Published: 12/20/2018
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