Cold And Neglected

When it's not so easy to admit it's over...
Lay down your weary head on the pillow,
Snuggle up tight beneath the quilt,
Let me tell you a bedroom story,
That may break your own heart with your guilt.

Rumors abound of your cheating,
The grapevine's been hollering at me,
But I refuse to shed tears to a rumor,
A rumor I refuse to believe.

My friends say I'm a fool to your nonsense,
But they don't understand how I feel,
Of why I'm willing to put up with torment,
Because I'm too scared to pull out of the deal.

And I look in my mirror for answers,
And I wonder if it's myself to blame?
And I wonder, also, why you come back,
And if it's just to torment me again?

Where have you been till this late hour?
And who were you with 'neath the stars?
Who plays your romantic interlude,
When you force me to vacate your heart?

I can see that your eyes no longer burn,
And that the smile on your lips is thin.
But I'm willing to let it pass me by,
For I can't stand another moment alone.

So don't tell me now, who you've been with,
Just let me curl up to your warmth,
For tonight I feel cold and neglected,
And need you to protect me from harm.

Published: 10/10/2018
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