Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss

Colon cleansing and weight loss certainly go hand in hand. Along with weight loss, there are other benefits of colon cleansing as well. Scroll down to know more about colon cleansing and weight loss...
Colon cleansing has been practiced since the ancient days in Greece. It started to take off in the United States of America around the 1920s. In the recent years, colon cleansing and weight loss became popular as the acclaimed talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey used colon cleansing for weight loss. She opined, "By having her colon free from unwanted wastes, she was able to shed off the extra weight from her body". There are a number of diets people follow to get rid of the excess weight. Colon cleanse provides energy and better metabolism along with weight loss. Colon cleansing for weight loss helps people who have the tendency to pile on the pounds. Colon cleanse is a healthier option than the other artificial weight loss methods that people follow to get the desired results.

Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss

We commit a number of atrocities on our stomach when we consume improper food, due to which mucus builds up in the colon. Many a time, the body is not able to completely digest the food completely and toxins are passed into the blood stream. The mucus accumulates around the walls of the colon. Hence colon cleansing and weight loss go together, as with colon cleansing, the mucus is flushed out of the body.

The weight loss achieved with colon cleansing is a topic of debate. Hence, it is difficult to adjudge the best colon cleanse diet for weight loss, as to each his own. A colon cleansing diet that works for a person may not necessarily work for others. There are number of factors which will play an important role in the weight loss process, like metabolism, eating habits, exercise routine, etc. On an average it is claimed that people are able to lose approximately 10 to 15 lbs after following colon cleansing procedure. In the colon procedure excess mucus, plaque and fat, which are stuck to the walls of the colon are sucked out. This waste accumulates as a result of consumption of fatty food like French fries, chips, pizza, cheese, etc. When all this thrown out of the body, it creates a flattened stomach.

Now let's understand the importance of colon cleansing for weight loss. The colon plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the digestive system. If the colon is stuffed with fecal matter, mucus waste and toxins, all the diet that is followed does not give the desired result. Hence, weight loss becomes difficult. The body is lethargic and tends to feel tired quickly and it also lacks the energy which is required for weight burning exercise. Colon cleanse enables absorption of necessary nutrients and vitamins from the food that is consumed, which helps the person to stick to the diet and follow the workout routine more easily.

There are a number of ways of undergoing colon cleansing. Among them are colon irrigation and natural colon cleansing for weight loss. In the natural colon cleansing process, natural herbs or supplements are used. These can be taken orally or used as an enema. These herbs have the potential to force and expel the mucus waste and toxins out of the body. Colon irrigation process is used for people who have severe clogging of the colon. This procedure is similar to the enema procedure and it is administered by a therapist. In this procedure, the colon is actually flushed by pumping water through a tube into the rectum. The water is then flushed out of the body, using another tube. It may sound difficult a procedure, however, it is less stressful than the enema procedure.

We have just understood, that colon cleansing and weight loss go together and there are other benefits of the procedure as well, but it is important to stick to a healthy diet after the colon cleansing procedure. There are a few colon cleansing foods that should be made a part of your daily diet. Only then will the effects of the procedure be long-lasting. You will have to make it a point to follow a healthy lifestyle along with healthy diet as well if you wish not to regain those lost pounds.
By Bhakti Satalkar
Published: 1/2/2010
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