Colors Speak

If colors could speak, what would they say?
Black’s Point of View

There comes a point when you stop caring. Suddenly the weight of the world is too much to handle for your skinny, little shoulders and you can't always keep up a happy, bubbly exterior. The truth is, we’re all changing as we grow older. As we're becoming more invested into our studies and we're interacting in a different public sphere, the person we once were seems to fade. Something new takes over you. And you don't know if you like it or not. There's always a good side to change, as well as the bad and ugly. Even your closest friends may change. You meet new people. You lose old people. It's the cycle of life that seems exhausting sometimes.

Why is it that there comes a point when you just give up? What pushes you there? Do the little things that irritate you build up and eventually you snap? Do you no longer care? Why do you continue to allow yourself to be distracted, even now as you read these words from a morbid soul? There's so many unanswered questions in this crazy, chaotic, scary life. We only know very little and our existence is merely insignificant, unless we become crucial historical figures that the future bored children study. How fun.

I'm tired.

I'm sick.

I can't be bothered anymore.

It sounds over the top and melodramatic, almost as if I'm some typical emo teenager going through this depressing phase of my life. Maybe I am. Only thing I can say for certain is that I don't necessarily feel sad, angry, hurt, or devastated. I guess I just feel really, really empty sometimes. It's that sickening feeling where your stomach almost feels like it's eating you alive and there's this growing hole that keeps getting bigger and bigger. It drains away all your energy and that's the worst feeling yet.

I give up.

Yellow’s Point of View

We’ve all given up many times. It's easy to say try and try again, but when it comes down to it, hard work is just… well, that's exactly what it is - hard! But we have to keep reminding ourselves that the end goal is worth it. This alone should be enough to motivate us. For once, I'd like to see you not give up so easily. We're both fully aware of what happens when do give up, but let’s see what happens when you stick it through the challenges. I guarantee that the best things in life require all your effort and energy but, in the end, you will thank yourself for being strong and persevering.

Yes, some may call me an optimist but I believe that if you genuinely put your heart, mind and soul into whatever you desire, you can truly get only the best outcome. I can happily bet everything I have on that. It's an old saying but you’ll find that it’s true -it’s important to love yourself. You might not be happy with certain features about yourself, but try to look past that and realize that you are blessed with gorgeous qualities. Instead of looking at the mirror and listing all the things you hate about yourself, try some positive reflections for once. Really try to seek out your best qualities and embrace them. Do not belittle these qualities in the face of your flaws. Learn to accept your flaws and be proud of who you are. In someone else’s eyes, you are their everything, even if you do not realize it yet. Realize that your life does matter. Even though it may seem like no one cares, your absence will be noticed and it will be greatly missed.

This world is huge and full of adventure and the future is so uncertain. I understand that may scare you at times but know that you made it this far. Why stop now? Your best moments are still to come. Make the most of life and make worthwhile memories that you can remember and retell to your loved ones. Do not shy away from opportunities, have faith in yourself and realize that everyone else is human like you. We all have our weaknesses, including that important looking business man and that highly educated doctor and your seemingly emotionless teacher. You only have one shot to live on this wonderful planet -- don't waste it with regrets.

Red’s Point of View

I'm so angry right now.

You know the feeling - the boiling wrath inside of you. The desire to snap. The feeling that makes your face go hard. It blackens your mood and you don't have time for jokes. It’s a strong feeling that takes over you. Maybe you're so fucking angry that you want to inflict pain - whether verbal or emotional or physical abuse.

Sometimes you don't get your way and you're forced to hold your tongue. Of course that bitterness is going to eat you up. It's especially worse if you don't want a confrontation, but these negative emotions are stirring inside of you. The urge to slap whoever is pushing you around or winding you up.

I'm so angry that I may make wishes that I regret later on. Like I wish to never see you again. I wish to be far away from you. I wish that you would just leave me alone!

When you feel this way, others might say it's best to let go. It's only little. It shouldn't matter. But you know what happens when the little things build up? You suddenly have a huge pile of irritations. And you break. All that anger has almost made you irrational. You're too blinded by hatred.

Maybe you're angry with yourself. Maybe you're not the type of person you want to be. Maybe you do something stupid and you beat yourself up for it for days. When everyone has moved on with their lives, you still hold on to the past. You still hold grudges.

But why do you do it?

Because you're stupid. You're crazy. You're horrible. I hate you. Go away. I'm wasting my time on you.
Published: 10/21/2016
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