Come Back If You Can

A very special poem.
Took a paper and a pen,
Mind full of memories again,
All the words remind of pain.

The pictures hanging on the wall,
The sound that I miss most of all,
Bring nothing, but tears to my eyes,
I'm longing for the years gone by!

All I can say is come back,
Even though I know it's out of your hand,
Because if it were possible you'd be here right now.

All I can say is don't go ahead,
Fight everything and come back,
But if it were possible you'd be here right now.

Crushed and crumbled from inside,
A smile on my face with a scarred heart to hide,
Lost a war where I didn't have a chance to fight.

The moments linger everywhere,
Your talks scattered here and there,
What justice has been served to my prayer,
Snatched away from me the thing that was most dear.

And all I can say is come back to me,
If you can,
I'll be waiting here only,
Make a plan,
Or wait for me till we meet in heaven.


Love you dad.
Published: 4/15/2014
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