Come Back King

As she waits for him to come back home...
Saturating in the place you call your own,
I am left to trace the remnants of your living,
Your scent joyriding in the air,
So I just stare at the door,
You grudgingly walked out of,
I await the clicking of the handle,
For the oxygen maintaining its inhale,
To be exhaled by your welcome back.

Lying in my king’s chamber,
I am enthroned in his sanctuary,
Where you dream of highways of wonders,
Where you battle subways of terrors,
I was used to being roads apart,
And having to deal with our technological touch,
But now that our worlds are one as I lie in your cocoon,
I am enveloped into you,
I am enclosed by your thoughts,
I am wrapped in your existence,
And it feels wonderful.

A wonder Stevie sees in his dreams,
To be in unison with the mate,
That salsas with your soul,
I cannot be alone with me,
To be alone with you is gold.

So I await your gleaming kiss,
To shine warmly on this queen,
As she lies here waiting,
Her arms her ladies in waiting,
To welcome you back to our castle.
Published: 6/27/2014
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