Come Home To Stay

This poem is dedicated to my only brother; Alden Tillett. He is 11 years old born on march 15th 1999. Cps took him away from my family and I haven't seen him since he was 5 in 1/2. I miss him so much!!
Things will go wrong, as they sometimes do.
All I want in my life, is just to see you.
They took you away, and left me all alone.

I wish more than anything, for you to come back home.
I hope you remember: Who I am.
With time, we shall meet once again.

I pray you miss me, as much as I miss you.
I wish this system would look from a different point of view.
Because they say we are such a bad family; For loving you.

We've tried for years now, to get you home.
Don't worry Alden, We won't give up hope.
I wonder if someday you'll find me, and make my life whole again.

I miss you more than words can explain,
If only there was something to take away this pain.
The anger, The hurt; It only gets worse.

Nothing in this world can make it go away.
With all the time that passes, I can only hope:
You remember me & that you come home to stay.
Published: 6/18/2010
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