Come Out and Dance

A soul-freeing poem.
Come out and dance!
You over there looking dull,
Feeling so desperate and alone,
Because you're born alone,
But not to live alone.

Come out and dance!
You who is orphaned,
For your parents are gone,
You don't need to mourn forever,
Find friends and count it over.

Come out and dance!
You who is heartbroken,
For I know your heart is bleeding,
But am sure it isn't broken,
Love is everywhere and soon you'll find a partner,
Who fits you like a bottle and its lid.

Come out dance!
You who feels weak financially,
Because you have encountered losses,
You weren't born with money,
Yet you were happy,
So rejoice now for you are alive.

Come out and dance!
Everyone who feels out of moods,
For dancing will clean your souls,
And make you feel human again,
Dance all your favorite songs,
Until you forget your painful past,
For sorrow is not your call,
You were born to be happy.
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Published: 9/23/2014
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