Comfort Letters

How can peace be gained when you only appease one side?
There will be no retributions,
Unless you are of the military...
There will be no retributions.

Comfort letters.
We'll dish out comfort letters.
You can rest assured your freedom,
Stamped on a comfort letter.

Why one and not the other,
When the statistics demand better?
Amnesty in a peace process,
Should be a multi party offer.

Cease fire,
Lower your weapons and cease fire,
We'll do what you want to end the pain,
Lower your weapons and cease fire.

Why don't we just surrender,
And hang all our soldiers of old?
Why don't we give away our freedom,
To those who hold us by the balls?

Comfort letters,
Burn all those comfort letters,
Their atrocities were more than ours.
Burn all those comfort letters!

Published: 3/18/2019
Bouquets and Brickbats