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Hey everyone! You guys are all amazing! Comment replies, and a decision made.
Hi Everyone

I read every comment and I was thrilled that so many people commented this time! I have decided to continue, and I will be posting the next two chapters after this! Thank you!! I really am grateful to all of you!!


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Maggie Cyrus ~ You really think it's amazing? Aww, thank you. I love your name by the way!

Haha111 ~ I feel so bad because all of you thought Nath would be with Jay, but then my heart was kind of telling me that it was really Jake... Sorry! I feel really honored that you commented on my story, I have seen you comment on lots of other stories so I was really flattered that you loved mine! Thank you so much!!

Hey You ~ Interesting name... I did kind want Justice to be with Nath but then I thought, she's known him for so long that he's more like a big brother to her! Thanks for your feedback!

Honey ~ I saw your comment about not including the lyrics, but then there was another request that I keep them, so I am trying to not include them AS much in the next few chapters. But I should warn you that chapter 13 has a lot of lyrics. Thank you so much for your comment!

Selena ~ It's funny you say that, because I used to be kind of like that when I read stories on iBuzzle but now that I have started, I too am pushing you guys to comment. Thank you so much!

Karen P ~ I promise I will not keep asking whether I should continue from now on! You really think it is good? I have just been talking to my cousin and a couple of friends for ideas for the climax of the story, and I have some good ways to spice up the book! Justice is having a bit of mixed feelings towards Jacob at the moment, she is kind of confused as what to do. Thanks so much for your long comment.

Rage Itainic ~ I will try to keep some of the lyrics in the story! I am so glad because you think it is amazing!

Aahana Kiut ~ I thought that giving a bit of Jake's POV would help you understand him a little more. I think they are cute so far! Thanks so much!

Olivia ~ That is not how you spell 'entire', Livy! You really like it that much? I do text you but you never respond! I would love to read your story!! I thought he was pretty hot.

Nine different comments is a record! Thanks!
Published: 12/22/2012
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